Interviews with leaders, authors, educators and management professionals. The goal is to share practical, powerful ideas to help listeners improve their performance and the performance of their teams and organizations.

Commanding Excellence with Gary Morton: Purpose, Obsession, and Creativity

Gary Morton, author of Commanding Excellence: Inspiring Purpose, Passion, and Ingenuity through Leadership that Matters, shares his wisdom and experiences in this wide-ranging interview with Management Excellence and Leadership Caffeine author, Art Petty.

Leadership Caffeine™ for the Project Manager eBook Now Available!

I am excited to announce the launch of my latest book: Leadership Caffeine for the Project Manager (and anyone responsible for leading teams, groups or committees). This e-book only offering is available at Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble or at my site. And every purchaser is entitled to a free download copy of my supporting workbook: Power Tools for Project Managers. Use the ideas and approaches in great project, career and team development health!

Podcast: David A. Brock and the Sales Manager Survival Guide

Every professional involved with sales, managing sales or managing sales professionals will enjoy this fun interview with David A. Brock, author of: Sales Manager Survival Guide--Lessons from Sales' Front Lines. Dave's new book and his ample advice in this podcast offer priceless guidance for success in one of the most challenging roles in our workplace.

Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast #21—Full Potential Running

Every once in awhile, I come across individuals who inspire me by their enthusiasm and passion for their profession, their pursuits and for life. Eric Wallor and Michael Lucchesi, proprietors of the running coaching business, Full Potential Running, are two of those individuals. These two combine for a podcast more fun than any morning sports show, with some great business and life tie-ins.

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Interview with Laura Macleod of From the Inside Out Project

Welcome back to the Leadership Caffeine Podcast series! While the series took a hiatus for an extended period during my last venture, the idea of bringing fresh voices to the important topics of management and leadership is an unyielding objective of mine here at the Management Excellence blog. I’m excited to return to the series and kick-off with Laura MacLeod, founder and proprietor of From the Inside Out Project, a firm dedicated to smoothing communications and relations between hourly employees and management.

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Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast-Become the CEO of You, Inc. with Susan Butler

One of the many pleasures of this podcast project is the opportunity it affords to connect with remarkable people. While Susan Butler's excellent book, Become the CEO of You, Inc., offers great insight, wisdom and guidance for all of us (with an emphasis on aspiring female executives), it is her fascinating, trailblazing biography that serves as true inspiration.

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Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast-Getting Ahead with Joel Garfinkle

Unfortunately, good work alone is not always enough to stand-out from the crowd. In a noisy, competitive workplace, where others choose us for big projects and new opportunities, finding a way to stand-out...while not becoming one of those aforementioned obnoxious characters, is a fact of life. Joel Garfinkle, a leading executive coach, speaker and author, offers some excellent and practical guidance on this important but awkward topic in his latest book, Getting Ahead-Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level.

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Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast: Brook Manville on Judgment Calls

Run a literature search on decision-making, and you'll find a broad range of content, much of it focused on the cognitive issues and traps surrounding the process, and the balance focused on the disasters so widely dissected in our culture. For a fresh and refreshing view, enter Tom Davenport and Brook Manville with their book, Judgment Calls-12 Stories of Big Decisions and the Teams that Got Them Right.

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