Leveling Up in the Face of Change is THE Issue

In a recent discussion with a potential literary agent for my book proposal for, "Level-Up—The Career Guide to Surviving and Thriving in an Era of Change," the agent suggested that books built around the theme of "change" were unlikely to sell. That perspective is preposterous. Learning to help our organizations navigate change while constantly leveling up in our own careers is a core challenge that all of us face in our professional lives. We need more help on this, not less, regardless of the views of publishers. Here's why...

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Creating Meaning, Purpose, and Flow at Work

Too many of us expect our firms or bosses to supply the meaning and purpose for our work. In reality, we control our own attitudes and have the ability to frame our work in ways that bring it to life for ourselves and our colleagues. If you aren't finding meaning in your work, it's time to take action.

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Fight Inertia

Recognizing the need to change something in your life or career is an essential first step. Breaking the bonds of the inertial forces that keep you tethered to the status quo is the hard part.

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Legacy Beliefs—The Ties that Bind

Legacy beliefs exert a powerful force in our organizations and in our own lives. When those beliefs no longer match the external reality, our personal and business strategies come crashing down. Yet some leaders and professionals find a way to break away from the ties that bind.

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Who Is Controlling Your Professional Brand?

This post points to a recent article I published at The Balance, focusing on personal-professional brand management.

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Working with the Enemy—5 Approaches for Navigating Difficult Relationships

It is a fact of life that we will not like everyone we work with and not everyone will like us. While workplace feuds are commonplace, effective and opportunistic professionals strive to navigate those situations in the best interests of their firms and careers. This article offers five strategies for helping you navigate awkward workplace relationships.

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Leadership Caffeine Anniversary, Special Offers and a Coming Attraction

I continue to be both amazed and humbled at the reception to my book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development. In celebration of the sixth year since publication, I am sharing one secret on where the book idea came from and showing my thanks for your support with 3 very special offers for free books to the first to respond.

The Checklist App for Living and Leading

It seems like everyone I meet is in search of tools to help improve performance and find time for the things that matter. Perhaps we are looking too hard at our technology and our apps to solve what is a distinctly analog problem. Consider the example of my pilot friend and his preflight checklist. Perhaps we need a checklist for living and leading.

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We All Make the Choice to Transact or Transform

All of us have the option to engage with others from a transactional or a transformational mindset. The transactional manager or coworker offers the bare minimum necessary for the situation. The individual with the transformational mindset strives to add value to every encounter. The cost difference between the two styles is negligible but the return from those who opt for the transformational style potentially remarkable.

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