For Younger Professionals: Grow Your Career by Succeeding Wildly Today

I admire people who are hungry for success and willing to work hard to get it. However, for all of us, the road ahead to success as we envision it is often murky. Sometimes it is good to suspend looking to far ahead and to focus on succeeding in the here and now and simply put one foot in front of the other. The future has a way of creating opportunities for those who succeed wildly now.

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The Discipline of High Performers

I love former Navy Seal, Jocko Willink's personal mantra: "Discipline equals freedom." The development of and rigorous attention to discipline in every area of our lives is the difference-maker when it comes to succeeding or failing. Through out the resolutions and instead, start by developing discipline around one small activity. It's contagious.

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Life and Career Lessons from Tony Bennett

From his early life family struggles to serving as an infantryman in World War II to marching for civil rights in Selma, Tony Bennett personifies what it means to be a model citizen. And as impressive as his civic contributions are, his career and life lessons in remaining relevant across the decades are priceless for all of us.

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Leveling Up in the Face of Change is THE Issue

In a recent discussion with a potential literary agent for my book proposal for, "Level-Up—The Career Guide to Surviving and Thriving in an Era of Change," the agent suggested that books built around the theme of "change" were unlikely to sell. That perspective is preposterous. Learning to help our organizations navigate change while constantly leveling up in our own careers is a core challenge that all of us face in our professional lives. We need more help on this, not less, regardless of the views of publishers. Here's why...

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Creating Meaning, Purpose, and Flow at Work

Too many of us expect our firms or bosses to supply the meaning and purpose for our work. In reality, we control our own attitudes and have the ability to frame our work in ways that bring it to life for ourselves and our colleagues. If you aren't finding meaning in your work, it's time to take action.

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