4 Big Career Mistakes of Otherwise Smart People

It turns out, just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you make good career choices. Some of the smartest people I know keep tripping all over themselves as they stumble from one bad situation to the next. They fall victim to at least 4 big career mistakes. That’s too bad. Our careers like our lives are [...]

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How to Survive A Career Panic Attack at Mid-Life

There are a number of reasons individuals become insecure over their careers and futures in our world of uncertainty and change. In some cases, the insecurity manifests in a full blown career panic attack. While complicated, there are steps all of us can take to get up off the couch and start moving beyond the career panic attack.

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5 Big Challenges of First-Time Managers (Free Webinar and New Program)

Tackling the role of First-Time Manager is challenging. Everything is new and in too many cases, there's no one to guide your way. That's why I created my free webinar: How to Overcome the 5 Big Challenges First-Time Managers Face, and my new distance professional learning program: How to Succeed as a First-Time Manager.

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When No One Speaks the Truth at Work, You Face a Choice

We've all been in meetings where the latest ridiculous idea from management is greeted with what I term, aerobic head nodding. In many cases, people are afraid to speak truth to power. As a leader, you own curing this problem in your environment. As an employee, you have to decide whether you are willing to sell your self-esteem or risk ticking off your manager. If the issue is important enough, it's an easy choice.

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