Leadership Caffeine

Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development

This book is designed to be your personal, portable, professional development coach.

Whether you are turning to just the right essay for ideas and inspiration during challenging times or, you are reading one per week, I guarantee there are ideas, approaches, tools and a few chuckles to lift your spirits, support your work and inspire you and your team members to new and greater levels of performance!

Leadership Caffeine is ideal for: 

  • Motivated Professionals seeking a performance edge in their career
  • Leaders of all experience levels, including new, first-time leaders
  • Leadership & Management Discussion Groups looking for rich, idea-prompting topics
  • Teams & Project Groups
  • Classrooms/Instructors seeking a practical way to talk about developing as a leader
Leadership Caffeine Book
Practical Lessons in Leadership

Practical Lessons in Leadership

A Guidebook for Aspiring and Experienced Leaders

Whether you are starting up as a new leader or seeking to strengthen your skills as an experienced leader, Practical Lessons in Leadership is used by thousands of professionals as the desktop reference to getting it right!

Practical Lessons in Leadership is ideal for:

  • First-time/new leaders
  • Leaders taking over a new team
  • Experienced Managers developing new leaders
  • Leadership book clubs
  • Any HR or Training Professional interested in passing along an invaluable reference source.
  • Instructors/educators teaching leadership programs/courses

Leadership Caffeine for the Project Manager

…and anyone responsible for leading teams, groups or committees

Whether you are a professional project manager or someone responsible for guiding a group, committee or team, Leadership Caffeine for Project Managers, is a source of actionable ideas and practical approaches to support your success! 

Selected chapter titles include:

  • Chapter 1: Starting with a Story: The Gold Standard in Project Leadership
  • Chapter 4: Angela’s Question: Your Key to Getting Leadership Right from the Start
  • Chapter 6: Who’s Coaching Your Team?
  • Chapter 10: Don’t Shout PMBOK Dogma in a Hurricane
  • Chapter 23: Learning to Adapt Your Approach to Others
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A Bold Cup of Leadership Caffeine

The FREE eBook to Stimulate High Performance Leadership

If you enjoy the original, you will love this FREE e-book offering a fresh and bold set of ideas to stimulate personal and team high performance!

Contents Include:

  • Winning the Inner Game of Leading
  • Beware the Warning Signs of a Leadership Meltdown
  • The Power of Simple Gestures
  • Six Key Decision Areas That Shape You as a Leader
  • Developing the Confidence to Act
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A Bold Cup of Leadership Caffeine