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Is it time to level up in your career? We help emerging leaders at all levels strengthen their skills and grow their contributions via coaching, workshop programs and e-learning courses. 

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Is it time to find “next” in your career? For individuals focused on applying their accumulated wisdom and skills in new ways (reinventors) Art Petty’s REINVENT™ framework and coaching guide you to success. 

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Almost 2,000 articles at the Management Excellence blog filled with ideas to help you grow as a professional and leader. 

Art Petty’s books are ideal for emerging leaders and motivated professionals at all levels seeking a performance edge in their careers.

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Upcoming Professional Development Programs:

The Influence Program Live-Online

6/9, 6/16, 6/23 from 6:30 to 9 PM Central

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Crushing It with Challenging Conversations Live-Online

3/22 and 3/23 from 9 to 1 central
or 4/20 from 9 to 4 central 

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First Time Managers Academy Live-Online

4/28, 5/5, 5/12 from 9-1 central
or 6/14 all day and 6/15 9-1 central

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Free webinar: Why You Need to Grow Your Influence to Accelerate Your Career

Level Up Your Influence Skills to Maximize Your Impact

If you want to get more done, be recognized, and further your career and organization, you need to cultivate influence. 

In this webinar, you will learn to view and develop influence and power differently. Leadership expert, coach, and former technology executiveArt Petty, and team development and strategy expertAnita Lauper Wood, share their approach to cultivating “clean power” and offer tactics you can apply immediately in your environment.



Ideas to Energize your Professional Development

Join the thousands of professionals who use the ideas and approaches in Leadership Caffeine to fuel their leadership development, team coaching, decision-making, and critical thinking. Buy at Amazon.

From the Reviews:

“I’m a huge fan of this book and have found the 80+ leadership lessons to be segmented in a manner that allows me to easily and quickly gain value from the book. Excellent material for a book review within your team – each week the leadership team is able to review one of the lessons as a great catalyst for thought-provoking discussions for keeping leadership skills sharp! I have found this book to be an inspirational source for new ideas. It delivers a very clear and concise set of ideas that are 110% applicable to daily leadership challenges.”  -Jack K. VP

“Leadership Caffeine” is what the title implies – a pick-me-up for those looking to how to lead as well as how to lead more effectively. If this is you, then “Leadership Caffeine” will serve you well  -John Baldoni, Leadership Author & Global Top Gurus 30

From the Blog:

Insights from the Latest Career Reinvent Boot Camp

We wrapped up the latest Career Reinvent Boot Camp with last night’s group session, and as always, for this program, it’s part celebration of incredible progress and new friendships made, and a short, slightly sad goodbye. Here are some of the key insights gained via this fabulous cohort group:

Leadership Caffeine™—Small Changes in Your Routine and Approaches Can Generate Big Results

I regularly talk with managers and leaders who believe they are grinding harder but getting nowhere. One described himself as working in quicksand: "The more hours I spend and the harder I push, the faster we are sinking. I need to do something different." Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt this way. Here are ideas to help you adjust your approaches and regain control: