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Is it time to level up in your career? We help emerging leaders at all levels strengthen their skills and grow their contributions via coaching, workshop programs and e-learning courses. 

Career Pivot

Is it time to find “next” in your career? For individuals focused on applying their accumulated wisdom and skills in new ways (reinventors) Art Petty’s REINVENT™ framework and coaching guide you to success. 

Ideas for Growth

Almost 2,000 articles at the Management Excellence blog filled with ideas to help you grow as a professional and leader. 

Art Petty’s books are ideal for emerging leaders and motivated professionals at all levels seeking a performance edge in their careers.

Programs for Growth

Upcoming Professional Development Programs:

Feedback Skills Boot Camp

For professionals of all experience levels

11/16 from 10-1 Central: Learn More and Register

Thinking of Managing? What You Need to Know Before Day One

Ideal for any professional considering the move to their first formal role as manager

11/17 from 10-1 Central: Learn More and Register

Level-Up: The Experienced Manager Program

For experienced managers striving to grow their impact

December 2, 9, and 16 from 10-2 Central: Learn More and Register

Career Change Program(s)

The Career Reinvent Boot Camp

Work with a cohort group in eight live-online and with your coach, Art Petty, in four one-on-one sessions to uncover your dream career and build a plan to get there. This is an intensive program where you focus on designing the right “next” for you in your career that meets your needs for interest, ability, and financial viability. The cohort group serves as a sounding board and idea source and your coach helps you get into action moving toward your ideal career.

Cohorts are kept small (5 or fewer) to maximize focus and ensure each individual receives detailed support.

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Ideas to Energize your Professional Development

Join the thousands of professionals who use the ideas and approaches in Leadership Caffeine to fuel their leadership development, team coaching, decision-making, and critical thinking. Buy at Amazon.

From the Reviews:

“I’m a huge fan of this book and have found the 80+ leadership lessons to be segmented in a manner that allows me to easily and quickly gain value from the book. Excellent material for a book review within your team – each week the leadership team is able to review one of the lessons as a great catalyst for thought-provoking discussions for keeping leadership skills sharp! I have found this book to be an inspirational source for new ideas. It delivers a very clear and concise set of ideas that are 110% applicable to daily leadership challenges.”  -Jack K. VP

“Leadership Caffeine” is what the title implies – a pick-me-up for those looking to how to lead as well as how to lead more effectively. If this is you, then “Leadership Caffeine” will serve you well  -John Baldoni, Leadership Author & Global Top Gurus 30

From the Blog:

The Leader’s Guide to Fighting Fatigue in This Era

In the best of times, leading and managing is hard work. In this era, the demands are unceasing, and it's easy for fatigue to set in and dull a leader's thinking. Here are seven ideas to help combat this sense of creeping fatigue:

Leadership Caffeine™—Are You the Cause of Your Team’s Creativity Deficit? 

Creativity—the ability to look at complicated situations and identify novel solutions that solve problems, advance initiatives, or rewrite old rules—may be the most critical skill of all in our workplaces. As leaders, we need to foster it, stimulate it, and do everything we can to ensure we're not the ones suppressing it. Sadly, creativity is something that many leaders trample all over in their daily activities.