We help professionals think and act differently

We help emerging leaders and rising contributors level-up by guiding them on sustained development journeys blending coaching, group workshops, and e-learning programs. Our Ideas-to-Actions™ framework challenges individuals to experiment, improve, and keep learning.

We are executives, coaches, and educators committed to helping individuals think and act differently as they strive to grow their contributions and help their firms navigate profound change.



Whether you are in search of the next level or “next” in your career we blend coaching, group workshops, and e-learning programs to help you reach your goals.

For individuals focused on applying their accumulated wisdom and skills in new ways (reinventors) Art Petty’s REINVENT™ framework guides the process.

For those focused on reaching the next level, we provide tailored coaching and development for cultivating influence, strengthening their professional brand, and leading at a higher level.


From the powerful, practical Leadership Caffeine series, books, and podcast episodes, to the more than 2,000 articles at the Management Excellence blog, Art and team are passionate about sharing ideas that challenge professionals to think differently and turn ideas into actions.

Art Petty’s books are ideal for emerging leaders and motivated professionals at all levels seeking a performance edge in their careers.

Filled with practical, actionable guidance, Art will challenge you to think and act differently in pursuit of success.


What’s Your Level Up Challenge? 

All of us have two simultaneous level up challenges to navigate in our professional lives. First, we have to do everything in our power to keep learning, growing, and rethinking our approaches. And second, we have to do everything in our power to help our team, organization, and colleagues succeed in the face of unrelenting change.

Leveling up takes a commitment to Beginner’s Mind thinking and the courage to experiment with unconventional ideas. It’s imperative we grow comfortable with thinking differently and inspiring the same in our colleagues.



Ideas to Energize your Professional Development

Join the thousands of professionals who use the ideas and approaches in Leadership Caffeine to fuel their leadership development, team coaching, decision-making, and critical thinking. Buy at Amazon.

From the Reviews:

“I’m a huge fan of this book and have found the 80+ leadership lessons to be segmented in a manner that allows me to easily and quickly gain value from the book. Excellent material for a book review within your team – each week the leadership team is able to review one of the lessons as a great catalyst for thought-provoking discussions for keeping leadership skills sharp! I have found this book to be an inspirational source for new ideas. It delivers a very clear and concise set of ideas that are 110% applicable to daily leadership challenges.”  -Jack K. VP

“Leadership Caffeine” is what the title implies – a pick-me-up for those looking to how to lead as well as how to lead more effectively. If this is you, then “Leadership Caffeine” will serve you well  -John Baldoni, Leadership Author & Global Top Gurus 30

From the Blog:

Leadership Caffeine™—Here’s Where You Should Slow Down to Move Faster

It's easy to swallow the dogma that has emerged around the "Cult of Speed" in our management thinking and teaching. Yet, the pursuit of speed in poorly designed systems exposes weaknesses and often precipitates project, strategy, and even organizational failure. Said simply, raw speed kills. Sometimes you have to tap the brakes and slow down to ultimately move faster.

For Positive Change, Focus on Displaying Gratitude

There’s a growing body of research evidence—and a lot of commonsense—that suggests we benefit on many levels when we regularly display gratitude to the people who help us on our journeys. I checked, and the world can use the positive impact of more gratitude right about now.

Career Reinvention Journal—You Have More Options Than You Think

One of my favorite parts of helping experienced professionals identify their “next” in their careers is helping them open their minds to the many alternative paths available to them. Typically, we hold narrow views of our options and close our minds to paths that will challenge and change us.