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I Support Emerging Leader Professional Development Through:


Leveling up as leaders in our firms and careers is an organizational and personal imperative in this era of change. I deliver workshops, keynotes, webinars, and sustained development programs that teach, engage, and promote the actions necessary for emerging leader growth in your firm. Learn More… 


I work with executives to create and deliver coaching programs and services for emerging leaders. All my services are tailored to the individual, and sustained developmental workshops and programs allow for added team coaching. Learn more…


My books are ideal for emerging leaders and motivated professionals at all levels seeking a performance edge in their careers. From CEOs and senior leaders to project, product, technical and operations managers, you are guaranteed to find ideas to energize your professional development. Learn more…

What’s Your Emerging Leader Challenge?

The challenge of our era is finding ways to help our organizations strive and thrive (and sometimes survive) in the face of significant change. To do this, we are dependent upon developing and supporting effective leaders at all levels of the organization. I work with executives and organizations to build strong leadership cultures and support their emerging leaders. 





Whether you are a professional project manager or someone responsible for guiding a group, committee or team, Leadership Caffeine for Project Managers, is a source of actionable ideas and practical approaches to support your success! 

Selected chapter titles include:

  • Chapter 1: Starting with a Story: The Gold Standard in Project Leadership
  • Chapter 4: Angela’s Question: Your Key to Getting Leadership Right from the Start
  • Chapter 6: Who’s Coaching Your Team?
  • Chapter 10: Don’t Shout PMBOK Dogma in a Hurricane
  • Chapter 23: Learning to Adapt Your Approach to Others
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From the Blog:

Challenging Conversations and Career Success

Perhaps the single most valuable piece of career advice I ever received happened early in my career. I'm not certain I understood the importance of this advice at the time, but it stuck with me. The advice is:

Leadership Caffeine™—Moving Beyond Bad at the Beginning

Starting out as a manager and learning to lead is hard enough, without the obstacle course of doom many of our organizations set for us. However, there are some approaches that can help you move beyond "bad at the beginning." Here are 3 leadership hacks to help smooth the process a bit:

The Six Stages of Career Reinvention

The idea of reinventing yourself in your career is intimidating and even overwhelming. Yet, a disciplined approach to navigating this journey will help you mitigate risk and gain traction. The six stages of career reinvention provide a framework to help you get started on this important journey.

Manager, It’s Time to Unpack Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

We're all guilty of building obstacles to progress in our minds. Successful managers learn to unpack those obstacles and overcome the self-limiting beliefs holding them hostage. Here are 8 key questions to help: