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Leveling up in our firms and careers is an organizational and personal imperative in this era of change. I deliver workshops, keynotes, and webinars that inform, inspire and promote the actions necessary for you, your team and your firm to level-up.  Learn More… 


I serve executives, rising leaders and high potential professionals as a coach committed to helping you tackle today’s big challenges and reach tomorrow’s desired career and performance levels. Executive coaching from a successful executive. Learn more…


My books are ideal for motivated professionals at all levels seeking a performance edge in their careers. From CEOs and senior leaders to project, product, technical and operations managers, you are guaranteed to find ideas to energize your professional development. Learn more…

What’s Your Level-Up Challenge?

The challenge of our era is finding ways to help our organizations strive and thrive (and sometimes survive) in the face of significant change, while striving to strengthen and reinvent ourselves as professionals. It’s the convergence of these two needs: leading our firms in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity, while working to strengthen as leaders, managers and contributors that defines the Level-Up challenge for all of us.

Building on my extensive executive management, coaching and graduate teaching experience, my suite of leadership and professional development books, tools and services offers the ideas, insights and tools to help you navigate change and push yourself and your firm to the next level.





Whether you are a professional project manager or someone responsible for guiding a group, committee or team, Leadership Caffeine for Project Managers, is a source of actionable ideas and practical approaches to support your success! 

Selected chapter titles include:

  • Chapter 1: Starting with a Story: The Gold Standard in Project Leadership
  • Chapter 4: Angela’s Question: Your Key to Getting Leadership Right from the Start
  • Chapter 6: Who’s Coaching Your Team?
  • Chapter 10: Don’t Shout PMBOK Dogma in a Hurricane
  • Chapter 23: Learning to Adapt Your Approach to Others
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From the Blog:

New Program Helps Drive Big Outcomes with Small Changes

Large scale organizational transformations often create more problems than they solve. That's why my new Level-Up program focuses on identifying discrete behaviors that what adopted and reinforced, offer the potential to drive big results.

Rethinking Leadership: Article and Podcast at Pragmatic Marketing

My recent article, Rethinking Leadership in an Era of Change, and the supporting podcast can be found at Pragmatic Marketing.

Leadership Caffeine™—9 Lessons from the North Woods

There's no shortage of leadership and management lessons to be found in the hard, manual labor found at a north woods property. While to many, the work might seem overwhelming, for those secure in the knowledge that they are creating something remarkable for those around them, the work is just part of the price of admission to success.

How to Set the Stage for a Great Day at Work (video)

A few years ago, I learned an invaluable lesson from a workshop group on how to set the stage for a great day at work. Enjoy and use it in great health!