Practical Lessons in Leadership

A Guidebook for Aspiring and Experienced Leaders

Practical Lessons in Leadership

Whether you are starting up as a new leader or seeking to strengthen your skills as an experienced leader, Practical Lessons in Leadership is used by thousands of professionals as the desktop reference to getting it right!

Designed to serve as an indispensable reference for professionals at all stages of the leadership lifecycle, Practical Lessons fills a gap in the body of leadership literature for practical, actionable advice The concepts, approaches and tools in this book are workplace tested!

Practical Lessons in Leadership is ideal for:

  • First-time/new leaders
  • Leaders taking over a new team
  • Experienced Managers developing new leaders
  • Leadership book clubs
  • Any HR or Training Professional interested in passing along an invaluable reference source.
  • Instructors/educators teaching leadership programs/courses

Join the many management teams, leadership educators and professionals who return again and again to Practical Lessons in Leadership!


Book Structure and Content 

The book includes 12 cases, discussion questions and access to the views of the authors on the issues in the cases.

Chapters include:

  • The Motivation to Lead and the Nine Attributes of Great Leaders
  • Solo Performer or Leader- A Guide to How the World Looks from Each Side of the Ladder
  • Leadership-How Do I Get There from Here?
  • The Top Ten Challenges that You Face as a New Leader
  • Congratulations, You Have a Team! Now What?
  • Growing Your Personal Credibility Account
  • Forget Everything Else, Here’ Your Real Job-Creating the Effective Working Environment
  • The Power of Paying Attention to Your People
  • Leveraging the Power of Feedback as a Powerful Leadership Tool
  • Chief Talent Scout and Developer
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation with Your Team
  • In Pursuit of Operational Excellence