We Help Develop Effective Leaders at All Levels

Are You Ready to Level Up as an Executive and Emerging Leader?

For individuals striving to reach new levels of performance and success, working with Art Petty as your coach an exercise in learning to level up. Art is one of those rare coaches who have walked-the-walk and understands the realities of developing as a leader and succeeding in challenging organizational cultures. 

Whether you are navigating a “next level” situation in your career or striving to elevate your game, coaching is a powerful tool that supports learning and growth.

Our Core Offerings:

Emerging Leader Coaching

For individuals taking on broader responsibilities as senior managers (managers of managers) and directors or first-level vice-presidents, it’s essential for you to rethink your role and your approaches to leading, engaging with your new peers, cultivating influence, working on strategy, supporting team development, and communicating in high-stakes situations. You work with Art Petty to better understand your challenges and to assess areas and opportunities to strengthen.

Executive Coaching

For top-level executives, the coaching focus is most often about identifying opportunities to strengthen leadership effectiveness and to work across the organization to bring strategy to life, facilitate change, and promote innovation, collaboration, and operating improvements. Art’s coaching is highly targeted to help you strengthen and grow in the areas that impact both short-term effectiveness and long-term success.

Leadership Onboarding

The first six months of any newly promoted or hired leader is a critical time for building relationships and identifying opportunities for contributions. We help new leaders understand their next-level challenges and develop strategies to meet those challenges.

Cohort Based Coaching

Cohort learning offers a powerful opportunity for groups of professionals to engage with peers and examine and explore ways to strengthen creativity, collaboration, communication, and overall effectiveness. Art has worked with groups ranging from product and project professionals to managers committed to thinking and acting differently in pursuit of performance growth. Cohort based coaching typically blends interactive workshop time with one-on-one and group coaching.