Focus on Growth

I provide emerging leader coaching services for front-line managers, new or soon-to-be executives, as well as integrator leaders in product management and project management. Drawing upon my two decades of executive leadership experience, I work with a firm’s top executives to understand their cultures, goals, and challenges and then I design individual or group coaching and development programs essential to help them accelerate toward those goals. 

I have successfully mentored or coached hundreds of professionals during my executive leadership and coaching careers and all of my work today is dedicated to helping others grow and succeed. 

Today’s world of uncertainty and change offers unparalleled opportunities and challenges for emerging leaders. Effective coaching is a critical difference-maker in helping your emerging leaders successfully navigate customer, marketplace and other external challenges, while building the right internal culture

Individual coaching programs are highly tuned to the emerging leader’s needs.

I work with the individual’s direct manager, team members, and extended peer groups to assess areas of strength and development. Over a four to six-month period, we work together to fine-tune strengths, eliminate or close gaps, and build a program to sustain development beyond the coaching engagement. As needed, I directly observe the client in different settings, offering opportunities for direct, behavioral feedback and feed-forward. We connect bi-weekly (or monthly) to review progress and challenges and continue to solicit input from your team members and colleagues on your performance. 

Group coaching is typically connected to a larger, sustained development program.

These longer programs offer ample opportunities for classroom and workplace observation and coaching. I use the same process outlined above, with the addition of direct team, peer-group feedback, and spotlight coaching, as we work through cases and activities. Additionally, I work with each individual in the program to define specific coaching objectives and to follow-up monthly during the program duration. 

Individual Coaching Approach: 

8-Step Emerging Leader Coaching Process

  • We work together with your direct manager to describe the coaching approach and identify your specific coaching goals. 

  • We create a Coaching Agreement outlining our mutual responsibilities for the process.

  • I interview (or survey) your key stakeholders and based on colleague input, we define the coaching program objectives around a limited number of high-value behaviors.

  • We complete the Level-Up Action Plan guide and get to work using your calendar as a living laboratory for behavior adjustments.

  • Through monthly (or bi-monthly) coaching calls we focus on understanding your experiences and obstacles and fine-tuning your activities.

  • Onsite observation and strategic conversations with colleagues provides additional support for fine-tuning your activities.
  • We wrap up with a final round of conversations with your colleagues on your performance and then we define next steps.

  • Annual check-in conversation and mentoring discussion at your option.