First-Time Manager #7—Beware Attempting to Fix a Difficult Employee

Your good intentions to help that difficult employee change can lead to a major misfire on your part. Recognize that it is not your job to fix a difficult employee, but rather to provide the tools, environment, timeline and accountability for the individual to change. The results are up to the individual and the implications of failure must be clear.

Don’t Let Lazy Brain Syndrome Stifle Creativity

Humans are creatures of habit, and our approach to solving problems is no different. We tend to attack every problem in familiar ways, without taking the time or making the effort to consider creative options. The tracks of our minds are well grooved. Effective leaders recognize the hard work and heavy lifting involved with finding creative solutions and strive to push their teams out of those grooves.

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Give Yourself Permission

Too often, we hesitate to make a decision or take action because we are insecure and uncomfortable over the possibility that we might be wrong. Instead of waiting indefinitely for a perfect certainty that will never arrive, give yourself permission to take action. Life is lived one moment and one action at a time.

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The Top 10 Outcomes from an Art Petty Live Event

One of the happy outcomes of my leadership and management writing is the opportunity to speak and work with great groups of professionals in live settings. This post outlines the Top 10 Outcomes of one of my live events. I would love to work with you and your team!

Leadership Caffeine™–Decisions and the Least Bad Option

A good number of decisions in business (and life) include choices that beg selecting the least bad option. Do we pull in that big deal with a discount incentive to dress up this quarter’s poor numbers and in the process, create a hole for the next quarter? Do we go public with our findings, or [...]

Management and Quality Lessons in the Airbag Recall

With clear acknowledgement that I am just one of millions of consumers impacted by the Takata Airbag disaster (recall), I feel compelled to vent. I of course vent not by screaming, but by looking for the management lessons in the mess. There are more than a few marketing and management lessons embedded in the industry's handling of this potentially life-threatening problem.

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