Give Yourself Permission

Too often, we hesitate to make a decision or take action because we are insecure and uncomfortable over the possibility that we might be wrong. Instead of waiting indefinitely for a perfect certainty that will never arrive, give yourself permission to take action. Life is lived one moment and one action at a time.

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Leadership Caffeine™–Decisions and the Least Bad Option

A good number of decisions in business (and life) include choices that beg selecting the least bad option. Do we pull in that big deal with a discount incentive to dress up this quarter’s poor numbers and in the process, create a hole for the next quarter? Do we go public with our findings, or [...]

Management and Quality Lessons in the Airbag Recall

With clear acknowledgement that I am just one of millions of consumers impacted by the Takata Airbag disaster (recall), I feel compelled to vent. I of course vent not by screaming, but by looking for the management lessons in the mess. There are more than a few marketing and management lessons embedded in the industry's handling of this potentially life-threatening problem.

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Ideas for Professional Growth for the Week of July 5, 2015

Every week, I provide a few simple (but not simplistic) ideas for you to Do/Experiment/Explore in support of your professional development and continued success. This week's three focus on making big decisions, rethinking your approach to establishing team leadership and looking to firms outside your industry for ideas on strengthening your own organization. Use them in great professional health!

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Introducing The Saturday Serial—An Ongoing Management & Leadership Case

Welcome to The Saturday Serial! This new series reflects my intent and attempt to share and cultivate management and leadership lessons beyond the format of a stale blog post and endless lists of "10 ideas to... ." While I love writing the Management Excellence blog and the first 1,025 posts are testament to my commitment, I've wanted to experiment with the serial and management fable format here for a long time. Beginning with my first episode, "Welcome to ACME John Anderson," you will meet a growing cast of characters facing a series of very real management, leadership and career challenges in this fictional high-tech, global conglomerate and its various units and divisions. Enjoy!