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Leadership Caffeine™—Spotting Leadership Potential

Identifying individuals with leadership potential remains an imperfect process in most organizations. While we have tools and models and assessments to help, experienced talent scouts rely on their own well-honed senses as they strive to identify potential future leaders. This article shares some highlights from a recent group interview on this topic.

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The New Model for Leadership? Win at All Costs

Much like the earlier years of this century, we seemed to have returned to an era where examples of corporate malfeasance are plentiful. In this case, the spread of "win-at-all-costs" leadership is on display in the banking and pharmaceutical industries. Is this the new model for the future of effective leadership? Is the new approach, "results count, regardless of the tactics?" I hope not.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Experience Cuts Both Ways

When we overweight the value of experience in hiring situations or in navigating strategy, we increase our risk of failure. The challenge we face as leaders and managers is to imbue ourselves and our cultures with a sense of curiosity and the means and confidence to experiment.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Can One Person (You) Make a Difference?

I hear the same doubt expressed over and over again by good people upset over conditions in their workplace. It sounds something like: “Can I really make a difference? I’m just one person.” The often unspoken trailer is: “…and I am not the CEO or a senior executive, and they are the ones who have [...]

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The Top 10 Outcomes from an Art Petty Live Event

One of the happy outcomes of my leadership and management writing is the opportunity to speak and work with great groups of professionals in live settings. This post outlines the Top 10 Outcomes of one of my live events. I would love to work with you and your team!

Leadership Caffeine™—The Cost of a Shortcut

The pressure for results can push people to make small compromises in corporate values. Once you start down this path, the results are potentially catastrophic for you in your career and for your firm. Just ask Volkswagen...

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Leadership Caffeine™—The Book and Coming Attractions!

As we approach another anniversary of the publication of my book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development, I am pleased to share some updates and coming attractions as the Leadership Caffeine family of offerings expands.

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Leadership Caffeine™–Decisions and the Least Bad Option

A good number of decisions in business (and life) include choices that beg selecting the least bad option. Do we pull in that big deal with a discount incentive to dress up this quarter’s poor numbers and in the process, create a hole for the next quarter? Do we go public with our findings, or [...]

Leadership Caffeine™—Don’t Let a Bad Employee Experience Define You

A "difficult employee" experience wreaks havoc on team morale and the manager's psyche. For some managers, this experience is so painful, it prompts them to redirect in their careers. For others--survivors, they find different ways to turn the negative experience into improved leadership performance in the future. Here are four approaches of leaders who survived and thrived following a toxic employee situation:

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The Best Of: 8 Lessons in Creative Talent Acquisition

Nothing is as important to your success as a leader as the talent you bring to bear in support of the work of your organization. Here are 8 ideas to stimulate your talent acquisition thinking and promote action:

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