Quick tips to energize your daily leadership activities.

For Professional Growth, Thin-Slice Behavior Change with the Help of a Swim Buddy

Too often, our approach to professional development and growth comes in the form of big, broad solutions and approaches. While these approaches sound appealing, they often don't address the core behaviors essential for improving performance. Instead, learn to thin-slice your professional development for effective behavior change. It helps to recruit a Swim Buddy along the way.

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Leading at the Intersection of Logic and Emotion

As much as we might like to believe people support plans based in good analysis and logic, reality says they act on emotions and in what they perceive is self-interest. This is why effective leaders understand the need to appeal to hearts first and then the minds will follow. This approach helps leaders safely navigate the perilous intersection of of logic and emotion.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Be the Hero of Your Own Story

Being the hero of your own leadership and management journey isn't about focusing on yourself. To the contrary, it's about focusing on those around you and striving to leave every encounter, situation, and person a bit better than how you found it. Here are 4 questions to use daily to strengthen results on your own heroic journey:

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Leadership Caffeine™—Improving the Fitness of Your Cross-Functional Teams

Cross-functional teams are a fact of life in our organizations. As a team or initiative leader, you are competing with a host of other priorities and initiatives for the hearts and minds of your team members. Your group's performance depends upon you taking steps early in the team formation to ensure a healthy, effective working environment. Here are five ideas to help you jump-start your cross-functional team's health: