Last Chance to Lock-In Feedback Performance Improvement in 2018

The absence of quality feedback on the tough performance and business issues is one of the most significant maladies inhibiting performance in our workplace today. Whether it’s boss to employee, vice-versa, or peer to peer, we have to be able to talk openly about individual and group performance and cut through the noise to drive positive change. Our online, on-demand course helps you and your team solve this problem to strengthen performance.

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Succeeding as a First-Time Manager: Online Development plus Mentoring

The shift from individual contributor to first-time manager is one of the most challenging in all of organizational life. My Succeeding as a First-Time Manager online plus mentoring program is designed to help new managers build a strong foundation and gain access to the tools and approaches essential for success.

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Never Forget

The best of our society are those brave men and women who selected service in support of country over self. Our way of life and our hope for the future rests on the foundation so many have labored so long and sacrificed so much for in our still young country. To those who serve today, [...]

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