Succeeding as a First-Time Manager: Online Development plus Mentoring

The shift from individual contributor to first-time manager is one of the most challenging in all of organizational life. My Succeeding as a First-Time Manager online plus mentoring program is designed to help new managers build a strong foundation and gain access to the tools and approaches essential for success.

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Commanding Excellence with Gary Morton: Purpose, Obsession, and Creativity

Gary Morton, author of Commanding Excellence: Inspiring Purpose, Passion, and Ingenuity through Leadership that Matters, shares his wisdom and experiences in this wide-ranging interview with Management Excellence and Leadership Caffeine author, Art Petty.

This Sunday Morning Our Thoughts are Elsewhere

As I sat down to write my first leadership post of the week, I found myself staring out the window at my dry, midwestern lawn, and for just a moment, I wished for rain. And then the ridiculousness of that wish clubbed me over the head, given what's happening in Florida and throughout the Caribbean [...]

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Never Forget

The best of our society are those brave men and women who selected service in support of country over self. Our way of life and our hope for the future rests on the foundation so many have labored so long and sacrificed so much for in our still young country. To those who serve today, [...]

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Friday Leadership Ideas to Help You Finish the Week Strong for August 7, 2015

Every week I share a few ideas to help you finish strong. For this week, I encourage you to revisit the connection between your/your team's goals and your firm's strategies and to reach out to your geographically dispersed colleagues. Additionally, I offer up some ideas on exciting new business books and I point you to this month's great collection of leadership writing at the August 2015 Leadership Development Carnival. A great ending sets the stage for a fantastic new week!

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