4 Key Starter Ingredients for Successful Strategy Execution

Even a sound strategy process that effectively characterizes the situation and way forward still faces considerable risk in the form of strategy execution. Ultimately, the ideas are relatively easy. It's the work of bringing strategy to life that is difficult. Here are 4 key ingredients you require for successful strategy execution.

Has Your Organization Fallen Victim to the Zombie Apocalypse?

In too many organizations, the absence of a galvanizing vision, meaningful, livable values, and a planning process that engages employees from top to bottom result in a form of zombie apocalypse. Instead of purpose, focus, and continuous improvement, people wander aimlessly searching for professional sustenance. If the leaders at the top won't fix this, you need to spark the revolution from the middle.

When No One Speaks the Truth at Work, You Face a Choice

We've all been in meetings where the latest ridiculous idea from management is greeted with what I term, aerobic head nodding. In many cases, people are afraid to speak truth to power. As a leader, you own curing this problem in your environment. As an employee, you have to decide whether you are willing to sell your self-esteem or risk ticking off your manager. If the issue is important enough, it's an easy choice.

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First-Time Manager #10—Your Number One Challenge at Start-Up

Getting started as a first-time manager is one of the more challenging tasks you will ever encounter in your professional life. It's particularly difficult given that almost no one on your new team has any reason to want you as their manager. However, there are some approaches you can take with your new team to quickly begin building your leadership credibility. These include...

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Leadership Caffeine™—Beware Creating Toxic, Under-Performing Cultures of Niceness

It's possible for organizations to contract a potentially terminal case of under-performance while pursuing a culture that emphasizes not only collegial interchange, but a sense of what I can only describe as niceness. High performers and high performance cultures thrive on challenge and push, not coddling or sheltering from reality. As a leader, you set the tone.

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