10 Do’s and Don’ts for the Executive Sponsor

I fumbled through my first go-round as executive sponsor on a project team. Fortunately, a great project manager compensated for my poor performance. Fortunately, some follow-on experiences challenged me to take the role seriously. It turns out, the executive sponsor role is incredibly important to strategic project success. This article shares 10 Do's and Don'ts for anyone stepping into the position.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Spotting Leadership Potential

Identifying individuals with leadership potential remains an imperfect process in most organizations. While we have tools and models and assessments to help, experienced talent scouts rely on their own well-honed senses as they strive to identify potential future leaders. This article shares some highlights from a recent group interview on this topic.

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The New Model for Leadership? Win at All Costs

Much like the earlier years of this century, we seemed to have returned to an era where examples of corporate malfeasance are plentiful. In this case, the spread of "win-at-all-costs" leadership is on display in the banking and pharmaceutical industries. Is this the new model for the future of effective leadership? Is the new approach, "results count, regardless of the tactics?" I hope not.

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A Model for Effective Leadership

We spend a lot of time and energy writing and reading about effective leadership, yet in many cases, we fail to practice it. In the absence of a unified theory of leadership and performance that we can easily understand and apply to our work, the model for effective leadership is on display and easy to decipher. It comes from those charged with leading in dangerous situations.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Experience Cuts Both Ways

When we overweight the value of experience in hiring situations or in navigating strategy, we increase our risk of failure. The challenge we face as leaders and managers is to imbue ourselves and our cultures with a sense of curiosity and the means and confidence to experiment.

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Leadership Caffeine Anniversary, Special Offers and a Coming Attraction

I continue to be both amazed and humbled at the reception to my book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development. In celebration of the sixth year since publication, I am sharing one secret on where the book idea came from and showing my thanks for your support with 3 very special offers for free books to the first to respond.

Strategy Hunt

Getting strategy right is hard work. Most management teams struggle and many play with the tools of strategy, but never finish anything. Teams that get it right share some common traits, including...

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Reorganization B.S.

Structure is a powerful management tool when developed carefully and focused on aligning your team's superpowers with the big opportunities.

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The Checklist App for Living and Leading

It seems like everyone I meet is in search of tools to help improve performance and find time for the things that matter. Perhaps we are looking too hard at our technology and our apps to solve what is a distinctly analog problem. Consider the example of my pilot friend and his preflight checklist. Perhaps we need a checklist for living and leading.

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We All Make the Choice to Transact or Transform

All of us have the option to engage with others from a transactional or a transformational mindset. The transactional manager or coworker offers the bare minimum necessary for the situation. The individual with the transformational mindset strives to add value to every encounter. The cost difference between the two styles is negligible but the return from those who opt for the transformational style potentially remarkable.

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