Remote Working Reset? View from Afar

Remote work policies are under fire in technology and other pioneers of this practice. IBM's recent announcement that all remote workers must either rejoin a physical IBM location or leave the company is the latest example. After a decade of living and supporting remote working in my technology companies, I still see some pros and cons, but it is not a binary issue.

Travis Kalanick’s Growing Up To-Do List as a Leader

Travis Kalanick, the CEO and founder of Uber, has had a tough few weeks. With a major sexual harassment investigation and a lawsuit by Alphabet (Google) for patent infringement, the last thing he needed was another viral bad moment. Unfortunately, that's what he got when he berated an Uber driver and was captured on camera. Mr. Kalanick indicated that, "It's time to grow up," and he "wants leadership help." Here's a "Leadership To Do" list to help him get started...

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Leadership Caffeine™—Sweeping Incrementalism for Big Results

The big fixes complete with broad frameworks and their own vocabularies are alluring. They also are sinkholes of despair and frustration for groups unable to translate the ideas into coherent actions. Instead, focus on the small, subtle changes in behaviors that offer the potential for big results. I call this: sweeping incrementalism.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Think and Do Differently

Our reflex action is to follow conventional thinking and apply accepted processes to solving problems at work. Leaders looking to spur innovation have a different approach. They think and do differently. They understand that every problem offers an opportunity to spur creativity and catalyze innovation. Thinking and doing differently is their mantra, as they deliver oxygen to their firms in the form of much needed innovation. If your firm or team is suffocating, it's time for you to think and do differently.

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