Quit Fooling Yourself—You Have Groups Not Teams

In most workplaces, we operate with loosely coordinated groups and not teams in the true sense. These groups lack purpose, coaching, structure, support, and leadership, and as a result, sub-optimize. Fortunately, the ingredients and recipe for effective team development are not locked away somewhere in a vault. Mostly, they are basic blocking and tackling.

5 Big Challenges of First-Time Managers (Free Webinar and New Program)

Tackling the role of First-Time Manager is challenging. Everything is new and in too many cases, there's no one to guide your way. That's why I created my free webinar: How to Overcome the 5 Big Challenges First-Time Managers Face, and my new distance professional learning program: How to Succeed as a First-Time Manager.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Beware Creating Toxic, Under-Performing Cultures of Niceness

It's possible for organizations to contract a potentially terminal case of under-performance while pursuing a culture that emphasizes not only collegial interchange, but a sense of what I can only describe as niceness. High performers and high performance cultures thrive on challenge and push, not coddling or sheltering from reality. As a leader, you set the tone.

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First-Time Manager #7—Beware Attempting to Fix a Difficult Employee

Your good intentions to help that difficult employee change can lead to a major misfire on your part. Recognize that it is not your job to fix a difficult employee, but rather to provide the tools, environment, timeline and accountability for the individual to change. The results are up to the individual and the implications of failure must be clear.