Working with the Enemy—5 Approaches for Navigating Difficult Relationships

It is a fact of life that we will not like everyone we work with and not everyone will like us. While workplace feuds are commonplace, effective and opportunistic professionals strive to navigate those situations in the best interests of their firms and careers. This article offers five strategies for helping you navigate awkward workplace relationships.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Experience Cuts Both Ways

When we overweight the value of experience in hiring situations or in navigating strategy, we increase our risk of failure. The challenge we face as leaders and managers is to imbue ourselves and our cultures with a sense of curiosity and the means and confidence to experiment.

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Reorganization B.S.

Structure is a powerful management tool when developed carefully and focused on aligning your team's superpowers with the big opportunities.

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We All Make the Choice to Transact or Transform

All of us have the option to engage with others from a transactional or a transformational mindset. The transactional manager or coworker offers the bare minimum necessary for the situation. The individual with the transformational mindset strives to add value to every encounter. The cost difference between the two styles is negligible but the return from those who opt for the transformational style potentially remarkable.

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Why We All Need to Get Good at “Next”

When faced with a world of constant change, "getting good at dealing with next" is essential for survival as well as success. Part of the process involves rewiring our brains to view change as opportunity and adventure.

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What Story are You Telling?

Success is much easier to attain when we tune in to our true purpose and the real impact we have on others. Once we discover that purpose and impact, we must articulate it through our personal narrative. Most of us are telling the wrong story.

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