Career Reinvention Journal—Four Key Tips to Help You Start Strong with Your Career Pivot

Getting started with a career pivot is as challenging as getting started writing a book. Both seem like great ideas, and they're the stuff of daydreams and momentary fantasies. For the aspiring book writer or career changer, these are intoxicating thoughts until reality sets in, and we realize how difficult this work is actually to start and ultimately complete. 

Our Early 2021 Professional and Career Development Programs

We create programs to help people achieve things they never thought possible in their careers. From first-time managers to senior executives, career reinventors, people navigating challenging conversations, or individuals working to level up, we strive to bring this purpose to life in everything we do.

Have You Grown Comfortable Being Miserable In Your Career? Maybe It’s Time for a Makeover

The biggest challenge faced by many individuals who desperately believe they need to do something different with their careers is moving from recognition to action. It’s easy and cathartic to daydream about doing something different with your skills and interests. Yet, bringing these daydreams to life is another matter. Here are ideas to help:

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Sampling the Many Flavors of Career Reinvention

If you're feeling restless in your career and wondering what else is out there for you, it may be time to start exploring options. One of the first items we tackle in our Career Reinvent™ Boot Camps involves defining what "reinvent" means to the participants. It turns out there are a wide variety of flavors for this term, and it's possible to be interested in multiple flavors at the same time—a kind of reinvent ice-cream sundae!

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