Leadership Caffeine™—Experience Cuts Both Ways

When we overweight the value of experience in hiring situations or in navigating strategy, we increase our risk of failure. The challenge we face as leaders and managers is to imbue ourselves and our cultures with a sense of curiosity and the means and confidence to experiment.

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Strategy Hunt

Getting strategy right is hard work. Most management teams struggle and many play with the tools of strategy, but never finish anything. Teams that get it right share some common traits, including...

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Reorganization B.S.

Structure is a powerful management tool when developed carefully and focused on aligning your team's superpowers with the big opportunities.

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Why We All Need to Get Good at “Next”

When faced with a world of constant change, "getting good at dealing with next" is essential for survival as well as success. Part of the process involves rewiring our brains to view change as opportunity and adventure.

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Give Yourself Permission

Too often, we hesitate to make a decision or take action because we are insecure and uncomfortable over the possibility that we might be wrong. Instead of waiting indefinitely for a perfect certainty that will never arrive, give yourself permission to take action. Life is lived one moment and one action at a time.

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Why Unilever Buying Dollar Shave Club is Relevant for Your Firm

The acquisition of Dollar Shave Club by Unilever highlights the need for all of us in our businesses to look beyond our traditional approaches. We focus intensely on what we do and how we do it and we fail to see simple alternatives that upstarts can easily exploit at our expense.

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New Video: 3 Ideas to Help Jump-Start Your Strategy Process

Helping a group align on the hard work of strategy is...hard work. Here are 3 ideas in my latest video update to help you get people working together early in the strategy process:

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Profile: The Perfect Trio for Business Success

What do marketing services, running coaching and popcorn have in common? In the case of three young entrepreneurs, it's all about building businesses, learning and enjoying their careers.

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The Painful Process of Pivoting to New Markets

Helping a once successful business navigate to new markets is one of the most difficult acts in all of business. The deck is stacked against us in many places, particularly when it comes to the issue of leadership courage.

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Management and Quality Lessons in the Airbag Recall

With clear acknowledgement that I am just one of millions of consumers impacted by the Takata Airbag disaster (recall), I feel compelled to vent. I of course vent not by screaming, but by looking for the management lessons in the mess. There are more than a few marketing and management lessons embedded in the industry's handling of this potentially life-threatening problem.

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