Webinar: The Six Challenging Conversations You Must Master to Succeed

Simply stated, challenging conversations are where we mine the gold from our leadership and management efforts. It's too bad we spend so much time delaying or dodging these discussions. When we do engage, often, we muddle our way through and leave money and performance on the table. Join me for my free webinar on the six challenging conversations at work you must learn to master to succeed.

It’s Time to Learn to Love Challenging Conversations

I learned to love challenging conversations the hard way. I delayed and destroyed a number of these earlier in my career until I recognized these are truly the opportunities for managers to mine gold in the form of development, learning, problem-solving and innovation. Here are some key reasons why you need to learn to love challenging conversations:

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For Professional Growth, Thin-Slice Behavior Change with the Help of a Swim Buddy

Too often, our approach to professional development and growth comes in the form of big, broad solutions and approaches. While these approaches sound appealing, they often don't address the core behaviors essential for improving performance. Instead, learn to thin-slice your professional development for effective behavior change. It helps to recruit a Swim Buddy along the way.

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First-Time Manager #14—Management Lessons Learned the Hard Way

In workshops and live settings, I’ve been asked numerous times about my biggest mistakes as a manager. I’ve made a fair number of them over three decades of leading and managing (and I regularly share these via my cases and articles), however, my Achilles Heel earlier in my career was my propensity to invest an [...]

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Struggling as a Manager? Try Revisiting These 3 Foundational Issues

If you’re growing frustrated and fatigued with your life as a manager, you might want to take a step-back and review and strengthen the foundation for your role. Three items provide structural integrity for your managerial foundation: role clarity, values, and connectedness All three components inter-operate to support your effectiveness and to eliminate many challenges in this difficult role. Alternatively, the absence of the three is potentially disastrous.

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