Our Real World Leadership Laboratory

It’s a fascinating time to study leaders. Remember, you can learn from poor examples as well as great ones. I keep a dedicated file in my memory bank labeled, “Don’t Do That—Do This.” Recently, I’m running short on memory for storage. For me, the counter-balance to the overload of news from and about bloviating, gesticulating [...]

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Leadership Caffeine Anniversary, Special Offers and a Coming Attraction

I continue to be both amazed and humbled at the reception to my book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development. In celebration of the sixth year since publication, I am sharing one secret on where the book idea came from and showing my thanks for your support with 3 very special offers for free books to the first to respond.

Strategy Hunt

Getting strategy right is hard work. Most management teams struggle and many play with the tools of strategy, but never finish anything. Teams that get it right share some common traits, including...

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Podcast: David A. Brock and the Sales Manager Survival Guide

Every professional involved with sales, managing sales or managing sales professionals will enjoy this fun interview with David A. Brock, author of: Sales Manager Survival Guide--Lessons from Sales' Front Lines. Dave's new book and his ample advice in this podcast offer priceless guidance for success in one of the most challenging roles in our workplace.

What Videogame Designers Can Teach Us About Organizational Change

The ability to rewire our thinking about change may be a fundamental survival skill in a period of time where accelerating change is a given. Change must be interpreted as challenge, and building a culture that embraces the pursuit of a steady stream of new challenges must be the mandate of leaders. I think the video game designers have already cracked this code.

Dear Corporate—Why We Hate Your Business Reviews

The Business Review meeting is a staple of large and small organizations everywhere. These can either be constructive opportunities to reflect on challenges and opportunities and identify needed actions, or, they can be destructive time-wasters. Sadly, in many organizations, these meetings resemble the latter. Here are six ways the group from corporate contributes to the destruction of what should be an important meeting:

Art of Managing—Beware Lazy Approaches to the Hard Work of Strategy

“Not miscalculation, bad strategy is the active avoidance of the hard work of crafting a good strategy.” Richard Rumelt—Good Strategy/Bad Strategy Consider: “Our strategy is to be more profitable than our competitors.” “Our strategy is to grow from 10,000 to 100,000 customers in the next three years.” “Our strategy is to be the leading provider [...]

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