Lock in 2019 Professional Development with Challenging Conversations

I've long been convinced we work our way to professional success one challenging conversation and one challenging situation at a time. (Think about it.) Of course, learning to succeed in those moments is the critical part. That's why we put together our online/on-demand program, Crushing It with Challenging Conversations.

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The Virtual Experiment—Guest Post by Dr. Nick Morgan

We have all become unwitting participants in a massive unregulated social experiment. For a little over a decade, we have forced ourselves to evolve from beings who communicate face-to-face, to beings who spend a significant portion of our work and personal lives communicating virtually. What’s to be done? There is no single cure. Instead, we need to learn a new language of emotion, one that begins to replace the human intent that’s left out of the virtual conversation.

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The One Question that Might Free You to Find Your Encore Career

For many of us, the idea of an encore career is an appealing fantasy that never grows closer or more tangible. At least part of the problem for why we remain locked in place stems from our attempt to answer the wrong question. Try a simple reframe of the question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" to open the floodgates of ideas essential to help us move from fantasy to reality. We have some great design thinkers to thank for this simple, powerful reframe.

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How to Regain Control When The Job Hits Overload

Almost every professional navigates periods of extreme busyness. However, when the workload turns into perpetual overload, motivation flies out the window and productivity and quality (not to mention enjoyment) disappear. In this article, we look at the primary causes of workplace overload and offer some ideas for you to regain control.

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For Aspiring Managers—Why You Will Love Managing

We write and talk about the challenges, trials, and pitfalls of those getting started in management. What we don't do enough of is offer some perspective on the potential for the role of manager to evolve into a rewarding career. Here's my attempt to balance the scales a bit with at least six ideas why you will love managing. While it's not all unicorns and rainbows, there are some truly rewarding aspects to this role.

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A Workplace Communication Fable with Three Great Lessons

Challenging workplace conversations and even confrontations are inevitable. The key is to be at your best when many might be at their worst. Learn to tie these three together—own your message, manage yourself in the moment, and practice positive persuasion—and you have a bright communication future in front of you.

New Manager Development—Put Your Back Into It

New manager development in many organizations is ad hoc at best and non-existent at worst. And while short-term pressures often drive sudden decisions to move people into first-time manager roles, the potential for misfiring is high. For managers responsible for identifying and developing new managers, effort expended ahead of time in assessing the individual's fit for the role pays dividends for all parties. Of course, this takes some time and effort ahead of the need. As my old boss would say, "You have to put your back into it."