Surviving and Thriving When Presenting to Executives

The invitation to present to your organization's senior executives is a pivotal career moment for many young professionals. Crush it (in a good way), and you make a name for yourself and show up on the radar screen as someone on the rise and worth watching. Stumble, and you make an impression as well, just not the one you wanted to make. This article outlines ten tips to help you crush it with this great career opportunity.

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Three Communication Styles That Can Derail Your Career Progress

In any given workplace, there are a wide variety of communication styles on display. While the variation creates a rich environment for engaging and sharing ideas, there are a few styles and behaviors that get in the way of your communication and career success. If you or someone you know resemble one of the three styles: watchmaker, interruptor, or arguer, it's time to get help and adapt your communication style.

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The Leadership Opportunity—Incredible Adventures in Creation Ahead

There's the practical dimension of leading where we focus on the grind-it-out, get-things-done-through-others heavy lifting. However, there's a higher-order opportunity with this work. The leadership opportunity is truly about the potential to create by working with the ultimate medium: the ideas and efforts of others.

Career Reinvention May Save Your Health and Life

We all intuitively know a toxic workplace is bad for our health. Jeffrey Pfeffer's latest book, Dying for a Paycheck, offers some data to back this claim. And while some may benefit from job change, others are motivated to reinvent their careers as part of saving their health and lives. This articles shares some of the insights gained in working with multiple career reinventors.

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It’s Manager and Leader—Developing the Whole Professional

There's no doubt leadership development is important. However, top leaders in successful organizations understand they owe much of their success to great managers who make their firms go and grow. They also understand the connectivity between leader and manager and they focus on developing the whole professional.

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