Leadership Caffeine™—Turning Ambiguity into Advantage

The world is filled with uncertainty and ambiguity, yet we teach our children, students and team members to work according to the rules and to color within the lines. Instead, we should teach our teams to leverage ambiguity by writing their own rules in pursuit of a shared goal. And effective leaders understand that action begets action and ultimately insight, even in the most uncertain circumstances. Sometimes, you just have to "paint the wall" while searching for the next step.

January 17th, 2017|

Running on Empty? First, Eliminate the Energy Sinks

Energy always flows from the source to the sink. In your hot water heater, the water is the sink. Eventually, the consumption of hot water is capable of exceeding the capacity of the source. The same applies in our professional and leadership lives. It's essential to identify and eliminate the heat sinks in our daily lives to free capacity to focus on the work that matters. Here are 12 ideas to help you with this important mission:

January 15th, 2017|

For Younger Professionals: Grow Your Career by Succeeding Wildly Today

I admire people who are hungry for success and willing to work hard to get it. However, for all of us, the road ahead to success as we envision it is often murky. Sometimes it is good to suspend looking to far ahead and to focus on succeeding in the here and now and simply put one foot in front of the other. The future has a way of creating opportunities for those who succeed wildly now.

January 12th, 2017|

Leadership Caffeine™—Aim for the Heart

Leading by the numbers isn't leading. Numbers are outcomes of nearly countless workplace and customer encounters. The real goal of the leader is to make certain those encounters create value. Do a great job building energy for the mission and good results will follow.

January 9th, 2017|

The Discipline of High Performers

I love former Navy Seal, Jocko Willink's personal mantra: "Discipline equals freedom." The development of and rigorous attention to discipline in every area of our lives is the difference-maker when it comes to succeeding or failing. Through out the resolutions and instead, start by developing discipline around one small activity. It's contagious.

January 3rd, 2017|

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