This interview with best-selling author and digital transformation expert, Charlene Li, is a must-listen/watch for managers, executives, and board members worried about their organization’s futures.

Based on the research and practice-based insights found in her new book, The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail, Charlene offers some priceless guidance on getting it right.

During the course of our half-hour discussion, we range from strategy and leadership to culture change, and some of the practices she has observed in organizations that have successfully transformed and ultimately disrupted their markets. (See the show highlights below.)

This was a condensed master’s course in organizational transformation based on a must-read/keep/use book! Enjoy meeting Charlene Li and developing a Disruption Mindset.

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p.s. Check out here related passion project: Quantum Networks and how you can get involved.


Show Highlights:

  • The harsh reality on organizational transformation 00:48
  • My favorite quote from the book that characterizes the challenge of organizational transformation: 01:20
  • How Charlene positions the book as a tool to prepare you to be disruptive: 02:22
  • Where the positive examples are: 03:12 and what do these firms do that allows them to transform, disrupt, and grow faster than others in their industries.
  • Charlene disrupts some of the myths of transformation. 03:58
  • The critical focus on future customers: 04:23 (a core theme in the book and this interview).
  • Is it really possible to overcome the gravitational pull of the past? 05:04
  • Balancing the present operating plan with a long-term strategy 06:38
  • Budgets aren’t strategies: 07:02
  • Culture wars: 08:40 (“Leaders create change! If you’re not creating change, you’re not a leader, you’re a manager.”)
  • “If you’re not transforming, you’re dying.” 09:51
  • It’s not big gulp decisions, it’s the little gulps or small bets: 10:50
  • The problem with a lot of innovation efforts: 12:03
  • Minimally viable data and a bias for action: 12:40
  • Why we’ve had disruption and growth all wrong: 13:10
  • What problem/need are you really addressing? 14:58
  • Winning support for change at top levels including the board: 15:30
  • How to get your employees on board by creating a movement: 17:20
  • Why culture governs the speed of transformation: 18:30
  • How to find more time to think deeply by rating the meetings on your calendar: 20:40
  • You can change your culture! 22:20
  • The data on gender and transformation and why it is upsetting to Charlene (and thoughts on inclusion): 22:50
  • How to get started working on transformation (three big areas to focus on): 25:20
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s dashboard and what it teaches us: 28:00
  • The Ah-Ha moments Charlene had in writing this book (her sixth): 29:15
  • Charlene’s passion project: Quantum Networks: 31:00