QuickTipsI ranged far and wide this week, tackling topics on getting in the game, cleaning house (or not), learning to observe your colleagues in action and my favorite: neuroscience and your impact on your team’s mood. Enjoy!

  • Promoted! Clean House or Rearrange the Furniture? (Every senior leader faces this dilemma. Do you build with the leadership talent you inherited or do you bring in your own team? I share my own experiences and offer some guidance on this challenging issue.)
  • Good Managers Watch the Actors, Not Just the Action. (It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day action of your business and team and forget to pay attention to your team members. You cannot support and develop others without paying close attention to them. Take time to start observing more and you will be better armed to see their superpower and gaps.)

Use the ideas in great leadership and management help!

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shutterstock_220281415Thoughts on the Week in the Rearview Mirror:

For the first-time in a good many years, the world of politics seems to be a world teetering in some quarters on the edge of violence. Although I was conscious (barely) of the turmoil in Chicago in 1968 at the Democratic National Convention, the intervening years in our political process have been a bit less prone to rioting and fighting. Until now. Fearing for the safety of protestors and participants, Trump’s event in Chicago was cancelled, and most of us have seen the footage of one of this candidate’s supporters sucker-punching a protestor. Jefferson in commenting on the violence of the French Revolution, thought that a bit of civil insurrection was good for renewal. It appears we are in for some painful renewal. Troubled times indeed, calling for the right kind of leadership. I suspect that we are all looking for this “right kind.”

We said goodbye to Nancy Reagan last week. For those of us who came of age in the era of Reagan, it is the final period on an important chapter in our lives. Godspeed Mrs. Reagan.

Enjoy your weekend!