Newsletter #2 Next Week & Art’s Writings Last Week

Issue #2 of The Leadership Caffeine Newsletter Next Week.

This newly designed publication includes subscriber-only leadership and professional content. The emphasis is on providing ideas to energize development and strengthen performance for you and your teams. Subscribe on my home page at or use the form at the bottom of this post. Your e-mail information privacy is of paramount importance, and I use only double opt-in practices. Last and not least, subscribers gain access to the archived issues for on-going reference. I look forward to serving you in this format.

In Case You Missed It-Art’s Writings Last Week:

Leadership Caffeine-Teach Your Team’s Smarter Decision Processes

This is the latest in my growing series of essays on improving personal and group decision-making processes and results. The post focuses on five key questions to ask your teams before they decide, and offers ideas for improving discussion quality based on those questions. I include links to other relevant posts on strengthening group and individual decision-making as well.

Lessons in Management-Innovation from Main Street

Many of the global giants are rethinking their traditional approaches to managing and leading in these fast-changing and challenging times.  If you and your firm are being challenged to carve out a fresh position and build a new competitive advantage, you might just focus on what’s happening a few blocks from your home.

Career Focus: Invest in Your Professional Survival Skills

Too many good professionals have been caught by surprise with a job loss after many years of loyal service. For many of these, the problem is compounded by simply not investing much time in some critical areas to strengthen their professional brands, networks and skills. A great time to start is today!

Another Great Resource-In Case You Missed It:

The February, 2012 Leadership Development Carnival-a great source to check out what some of deep thinkers have to say about leadership!

Art Petty is a Chicago-based management consultant focusing on strategy and leadership development. Art regularly speaks on innovation in management and leadership, and his work is reflected in two books, including the recent, Leadership Caffeine-Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development. Art publishes regularly at The Management Excellence blog at

Prior to his solo career, Art spent 20+ years leading marketing sales and business units in systems and software organizations around the globe. You can follow Art on twitter: @artpetty and he can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]




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Leadership Caffeine™ at Information Management and New Newsletter Resource

Leadership Caffeine Syndicated at Information Management

As of February 1, 2012, the good folks at Information Management are kindly syndicating selected posts from my blog at their resource rich website: under my name and the Leadership Caffeine label.

I am excited about this for a number of reasons:

  • Jim Ericson and the team are top flight professionals, and I truly appreciate their interest in extending their already rich and deep coverage of information technology to the leadership and strategic topics so critical for success.
  • I have a long history (and some great friends) in the technology space, and it is fantastic to have an opportunity to connect in this forum and continue the dialogue on growing great careers and great businesses.
  • I work frequently with some remarkable technical professionals. They are driven, creative, strategic, and almost to a person, passionate about their work in advancing their organizations. I’ve also discovered that many are incredibly hungry for insights into developing as leaders, navigating the challenges and politics of the corporate world and increasing their contributions to their firms as strategists and senior contributors. The opportunity to support their efforts is truly an honor.

Please visit Information Management and checking out the remarkable resources and even more remarkable host of featured bloggers. I’m honored to be in their company.

Leadership Caffeine e-Newsletter Launches

After drifting a bit from the newsletter, and thanks to the prodding from clients and other fans of the blog, The Leadership Caffeine Newsletter is now in full production. Issue #1 was launched last week, with features on: Strengthening the Leader’s Self-Esteem, Ideas to Stimulate the Leader’s Learning & Self-Development, my Suggested Reading Resources and some perspectives on what I term Critical-Path Career Development.  

The content is laser focused on supporting professional development, and is geared for leaders of all experience levels and individual contributors seeking to grow as professionals. The latest content is available for newsletter registrants only. Expect a one to two times per month frequency. And please be assured that your e-mail information is private and never to be shared.  You can register at my site (right column) or by following the link below. (Note: I will forward Issue #1 to new Registrants in a follow-on e-mail over the next few days.)

I look forward to serving you with this new and professional development focused resource!




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