Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast #21—Full Potential Running

Cover art for Leadership Caffeine PodcastEvery once in awhile, I come across individuals who inspire me with their enthusiasm and passion for their profession and their great energy for helping others. Eric Wallor and Michael Lucchesi, proprietors of the running coaching business, Full Potential Running, are two of those individuals.

These two combine for a podcast more fun than any morning sports show, with some great business and life tie-ins. Both Eric and Michael are accomplished distance athletes on a mission to help people not only FullPotentialRunningtransform and succeed as runners, but to transform their lives for the better in the process. Michael serves as the coach (but don’t call him Coach Michael!) of the Chicago-area New Balance running team and the two collaborate together in helping runners of all levels develop the discipline to meet their unique goals.

If you are a runner or aspiring runner, you will appreciate these two great individuals. If your idea of long-distance running is from the couch to the refrigerator and back to the couch during a commercial, you will still enjoy the energy and wisdom these two young professionals have to share! And if you feel so inclined to lace-up the shoes and hit the trails, look to Eric and (Coach) Michael to help you get started and kick it into gear!

Visit the Full Potential Running site to learn more about their philosophy and coaching offerings. If you have a question, you can reach Eric via e-mail. You can follow them on Facebook as well.

Enjoy! Now, I’ve got a date with my running shoes and my latest push to break an 8-minute mile. (Hey, I’m old and I am competing against the clock, not you!)

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Interview with Laura Macleod of From the Inside Out Project

Cover art for Leadership Caffeine PodcastWelcome back to the Leadership Caffeine Podcast series! While the series took a hiatus for an extended period during my last venture, the idea of bringing fresh voices to the important topics of management and leadership is an unyielding objective of mine here at the Management Excellence blog. For those kind listeners who have asked about the podcast, thanks for the reminders, and know that I’m slow but thorough!

I’m excited to return to the series and kick-off with Laura MacLeod, founder and proprietor of From the Inside Out Project, a firm dedicated to smoothing communications and relations between hourly employees and management.

LauraMacLeod Laura shares a bit about the genesis of her idea and some of the approaches she applies to promoting harmony between groups that struggle to communicate effectively with each other. As I mention during the interview, she had me at “harmonious.” I’ve been looking for that workplace for a long time.

While just a bit of a spoiler, Laura picked up on this idea when she found herself in the middle of one of those challenging hourly employee/management communication situations earlier in her career. Her approach to navigating the situation and then extending what worked to a business venture is instructive for all of us. Her guidance on navigating the sticky communications issues in the workplace in pursuit of constructive and even harmonious dialog is intriguing.

I had a great time catching up and learning from Laura. Enjoy the interview!


About Laura MacLeod

With a background in social work and 2 decades of experience as a union worker, Laura MacLeod created “From The Inside Out Project®,” with all levels of employment in mind to assist in maintaining a harmonious workplace. She is an adjunct professor in graduate studies at the Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work and leads training sessions for social work professionals at The Coalition for Behavioral Health and Institute for Community Living in New York City. MacLeod speaks on conflict resolution, problem solving, and listening skills at conferences across the country.  

Art Petty serves senior executives and management teams as a performance coach and strategy facilitator. Art is a popular keynote speaker focusing on helping professionals and organizations learn to survive and thrive in an era of change. Additionally, Art’s books are widely used in leadership development programs. To learn more or discuss a challenge, contact Art.


Coming Attractions at the Management Excellence Blog

image of a box with new and improved on the labelNote from Art: There’s a lot of new and a fair amount of “new and improved” coming soon at the Management Excellence blog. I value your readership and look forward to supporting your professional development and career growth in some new and exciting ways.

The Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast is Back!

I’m excited to be kicking off the latest incarnation of the Leadership Caffeine podcast series! This initiative was a temporary casualty of my multi-year corporate immersion and is something a number of faithful followers have repeatedly asked me about bringing back to the Management Excellence blog. It’s also something I love producing and sharing with you!

Cover art for Leadership Caffeine PodcastThe first incarnation of the series found me interviewing and sharing insights some of the leading management thinkers and authors of our day, including: Geoffrey Moore, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Bob Sutton, Scott Eblin, Dan McCarthy and many others.

For this round, I’m expanding the reach to incorporate business professionals in a wide-range of industries, entrepreneurs and individuals striving to change the world through creative business practices. And yes, I’ll talk with the leading authors of the day as well!

I hope you enjoy the series and I welcome ideas and recommendations for our growing line-up of guests. First up in the new series will be Laura Macleod, founder and principal at: From The Inside Out Project, who will describe her unique approach to solving those vexing communication challenges between management and hourly workers in many businesses.

Incoming: the Management Excellence Holiday Book List

If you’re a regular visitor here, you know that my perspective is if you’re not reading and learning, you’re moving backwards at the speed of change. There are a number of great and important new books available for the professionals in your life and I’ll share my thoughts on my top picks for this holiday season. Look for this feature during the first 10 days of December, leaving plenty of time to add them to your holiday wish lists!

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Quickly approaching 10,000 subscribers, the Leadership Caffeine e-news is dedicated to providing pragmatic guidance aheader2websitend provocative ideas for consideration in your professional work. We continue to tune the content to match the interests and requests of our readership, and the recent makeover has been well received. I keep the newsletter and blog content separate, although I do reference some of the latest blog posts, in case you missed them.

From feature articles to short, action-focused suggestions, links to great professional resources, the content is intended to help you along on your leadership and professional journey. The promotion is limited to a brief section at the end of the newsletter outlining my latest offerings and we absolutely respect the privacy of your e-mail information.

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Coming in 2016: Live Coaching Calls with Art

I’m introducing a series of Coaching Calls (audio/VOIP) designed to help you jump start your professional development in 2016. The audiencelevelup focus will vary for each call, ranging from those striving to “Level-Up” and reach the next rung on the career ladder to those later-career professionals searching for “The Next Act” as they evaluate how to apply their talents and passions in new ways after long, successful stretches in their careers. The format will include a number of no-fee sessions followed by a subscription series for the balance of the year. Every session will include dedicated content, live q/a, spotlight coaching and frequent guests sharing their well-informed perspectives. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to interact directly with many of the great readers/commenters here! Stay tuned for the January schedule.

Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast-Become the CEO of You, Inc. with Susan Butler

Cover art for Leadership Caffeine PodcastOne of the many pleasures of this podcast project is the opportunity it affords to connect with remarkable people. While Susan Butler’s excellent book, Become the CEO of You, Inc., offers great insight, wisdom and career guidance for all of us (with an emphasis on aspiring female executives), it is her fascinating, trailblazing biography that serves as true inspiration.

Susan ties in some priceless career guidance with her story as the rise to become the first female partner of Accenture.

The book, CEO of You, Inc., is framed around a four-part process for managing your career:

  1. You are the CEO of You, Inc.
  2. Create the Vision for You, Inc.
  3. Build Your Team
  4. Develop Your Plan

And it offers proven and practical guidance for “Navigating the Journey.” Susan’s input on taking ownership of your career, developing and acting on your vision and seeking help along the way in the form of feedback, journaling, establishing your own Board of Advisors and many others, are particularly important for all of us in this challenging world today.

While she’s moved forward from her days serving clients and developing young professionals at Accenture, Susan has adopted a bit loftier goal, “to change the world.” As the founder of the Institute for the Development of Women Leaders and an active educator, speaker and coach, she’s well on her way to doing just that!

Enjoy learning more about this inspirational human and remarkable role model and in particular, enjoy learning from Susan Butler. It was my pleasure to connect with Susan. Enjoy the interview!

(You can learn more about Susan and contact her, by visiting her website at www.sbbinstitute.org)

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Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast-J. Keith Murnighan on Do Nothing!

Cover art for Leadership Caffeine PodcastI confessed to J. Keith Murnighan, Northwestern (Kellogg School of Management) Professor and author of the new book, Do Nothing! How to Stop Overmanaging and Become a Great Leader, that the title had me just a little bit worried. I learned once I began turning the pages, that this was an unfounded fear. There’s nothing trite here as a title of “Do Nothing!” might suggest.

Keith offers up some fascinating and occasionally counter-intuitive (and research backed) ideas in Do Nothing! on how we can improve our effectiveness as leaders.

Reading the book was like spending a few days in a Kellogg School of Management Executive Education program. You’re exposed to some of the sharpest minds in management offering up research-backed ideas and approaches that are immediately actionable. You leave the program inspired, motivated and a little out of breath, and Keith achieves this same effect in Do Nothing!

In addition to guidance on what effective leaders should be doing (hint: it’s not their old jobs!), to his guidance on giving trust to get it, setting high expectations instead of testing people, and his “Leadership Law” there’s interesting, actionable advice in every chapter.

And while the chapters titled, “Ignore Performance Goals,” and “De-emphasize Profits” might sound like heresy for a Kellogg Professor, you can be certain that Keith has some great guidance here as well.

The final chapter, “Unnatural Leaders” is worth twice the price of admission, and offers profiles of 7 leaders who have been successful and who in Keith’s view, both exemplify the principles in the book and, do things differently than most. 

Bob Sutton, author of “Good Boss, Bad Boss” and “The No Asshole Rule,” offers up high praise with his jacket quote that the book is, “Among the most imaginative, fun and useful leadership books ever published. It delivers on all 3 counts: fun, useful and imaginative! It’s a great addition for your leadership library.

You can check out Keith Murnighan’s blog at http://keithmurnighan.wordpress.com/