Cover art for Leadership Caffeine PodcastEvery once in awhile, I come across individuals who inspire me with their enthusiasm and passion for their profession and their great energy for helping others. Eric Wallor and Michael Lucchesi, proprietors of the running coaching business, Full Potential Running, are two of those individuals.

These two combine for a podcast more fun than any morning sports show, with some great business and life tie-ins. Both Eric and Michael are accomplished distance athletes on a mission to help people not only FullPotentialRunningtransform and succeed as runners, but to transform their lives for the better in the process. Michael serves as the coach (but don’t call him Coach Michael!) of the Chicago-area New Balance running team and the two collaborate together in helping runners of all levels develop the discipline to meet their unique goals.

If you are a runner or aspiring runner, you will appreciate these two great individuals. If your idea of long-distance running is from the couch to the refrigerator and back to the couch during a commercial, you will still enjoy the energy and wisdom these two young professionals have to share! And if you feel so inclined to lace-up the shoes and hit the trails, look to Eric and (Coach) Michael to help you get started and kick it into gear!

Visit the Full Potential Running site to learn more about their philosophy and coaching offerings. If you have a question, you can reach Eric via e-mail. You can follow them on Facebook as well.

Enjoy! Now, I’ve got a date with my running shoes and my latest push to break an 8-minute mile. (Hey, I’m old and I am competing against the clock, not you!)

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