One of the secret joys of writing this blog over the past decade has been meeting so many remarkable and inspirational individuals in all sectors. In this episode of the Leadership Caffeine podcast, I have the privilege of connecting with one of those inspirational individuals, friend and leadership guru, author, and great guy, John Baldoni.

If you’ve not met John, he’s authored 14 (at last count) books, and is active as a speaker, leadership educator, and executive coach. He’s one of the Global Top 30 Leadership Gurus, and his videos and articles are regularly featured at SmartBrief on Leadership and Forbes.

John and I have a fun, far-ranging conversation on some fascinating topics, including:

  • The power of story in leading
  • The early leadership examples in John’s life.
  • Why much of leading is about doing what people need at that moment in time.
  • Insights into his new book Grace: A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us.

Come for the fun conversation and stay for the leadership wisdom of John Baldoni. A treasure trove of leadership ideas from beginning to end.

Enjoy the audio or video!