Regular readers know my passion for supporting the development of new managers. I invest a good percentage of my time coaching, training, and working with new managers and bosses responsible for developing new managers. New manager development is important work. After all, these brave individuals are the front end of our leadership pipelines.

It’s vital to get the transition from contributor to manager right, and frankly, it’s often left to chance—never a good plan. Sadly, there’s still too much sink-or-swim going on when it comes to new manager development. Consider: what’s the cost to your organization (and your credibility as promoting manager) of a flailing or failing new manager?

On August 11 at noon central, I’m running my latest mini-class: How to Help Your New Managers Survive & Thrive from the Start. In this slightly less than one-hour-long, interactive program, I’ll share:

  • How to prepare your new managers for a successful start-up.
  • Where promoting managers should focus their coaching and support.
  • How to coach your new manager through the inevitable rough spots.

And, I’ll field your questions.

The research is crystal clear on this point: the shift from contributor to manager is one of the most challenging transitions in working life. If you are new to the role or responsible for new manager success, this is a great place to pick up some practical, actionable tips you can use today.

I look forward to seeing you on August 11 in the mini-course! (Register Here)

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