The number one reason experienced, capable professionals relegate ideas of a career change to daydreams or fantasies is the fear of risk. After all, shifting from the work, firm, or vocation that’s paying the bills feels inherently risky.

However, what if there were a way to manage and mitigate the majority of the risk involved with career change? Would that make you more comfortable pursuing the career you believe is right for you at this stage of your life? I think so.

In this video, I share how using the guardrails provided by the Career Reinvent Framework serves as powerful risk mitigation and management tool. It turns out, you can do much of the work of identifying and planning for your career pivot without inviting excess risk into your life.

Enjoy the video and tips and if you’re interested in learning about one of our upcoming Career Reinvent Boot Camps, you can visit this page on our site.



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