What I Know About Your New Managers that You Don’t

In every cohort of our live-online First-Time Manager Academy, I know something that no one else knows. In this group, there are people who will change the world.

I don’t know which person will be the CEO who rewrites the rules on leading or the entrepreneur who will build the organization that will change something for the better. Or, maybe these are the individuals who will help their firms level up and learn to thrive in tough environments. And perhaps these are the managers who will give life to the dreams and passions of others on their team and smile as their charges change the world.

These individuals are present in every group, and it’s my job to inspire, educate, guide, and, hopefully, play a part in nudging people down a path that ultimately leads to whatever remarkable thing they will create in their careers.

That’s a lot, and it’s lofty, and I love it! It’s also true.

I saw the power of this firsthand in my corporate and executive career, helping launch hundreds of new managers. My alumni roll includes CEOs, top executives, entrepreneurs, and successful professionals across many different sectors. We didn’t know it at the time, but this job served as a springboard for these individuals. It was my job to help them get it right.

And I see the power of helping new managers start and succeed from the vantage point of leading my programs where I’ve supported the development of over 2,000 new managers during the past decade. Many of these not-so-long-ago new managers are now the individuals leading teams and functions and helping their firms navigate the crisis.

Our First-Time Manager Academy for newer or soon-to-be managers offers guidance, coaching, development/training, and tools to help individuals come to life in their new roles. The inspiration to change the world is included at no added charge.

Let me and let us help you tap into the power and potential of your new managers.

Registration is open for our next cohort. I’ve got an incredibly talented program co-leader, and we’re both ready to do our parts to help your new managers succeed and thrive.

Early bird pricing runs through 9/3 for this live-online + coaching program. The first of six 90-minute sessions kicks off 9/10. Visit our course page to learn more and register.

The Bottom-Line for Now:

Invest carefully in your new managers. The return on investment is potentially staggering. And who better to help your new managers get started than people who love this work and see the incredible potential in each and every individual? Let us help you help them get started the right way.

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