Every day, you have countless opportunities to exhibit behaviors that leave people and situations a little bit better off than you found them. Here’s a list of just a few of those behaviors that will help you improve the health of your working environment.

Note: this list is ideal for printing and posting on your computer screen every night so it’s the first thing you see every morning.

Fifteen Simple Things You Can Do Today that Will Help:

  1. Ask: how can I help? And then do something about it.
  2. Listen fiercely. Listen so hard it hurts.
  3. Pay attention. This time is taking an extraordinary toll on everyone. Do they need a break?
  4. Comment on the positives often. And mean it.
  5. Encourage creativity. And then, when a creative approach fails, resist the temptation to criticize. Instead, when something doesn’t work, ask them what they will try next. And then let them do it.
  6. Accept that sometimes you have to slow down to move faster, especially with problem-solving.
  7. Make accountability for commitments sacred. Start with yourself.
  8. Make sure your do matches your tell. See also the point on accountability.
  9. Ask: what can I do differently that will help you succeed?
  10. Stop micromanaging. Forever.
  11. When they ask for input, use questions to teach.
  12. Ask your boss how you can help.
  13. Stop gossiping. Forever.
  14. Count to 1,000 before speaking when someone or something upsets you. If it’s awful, count to 10,000.
  15. Find little ways every day to help move people in the direction they want to go.

The Bottom-Line for Now:

There’s always more. Get these right and then keep improving.

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