About the Program Creators/Instructors:

Art Petty is an executive and emerging leader coach and one of the foremost developers of management and leadership talent. Art was a long-time technology industry senior executive and has served as an MBA educator for many years. Art has written numerous leadership and management books and over 2,000 articles.

Laura Bantz is a learning and development specialist, educator, emerging leader coach, and course/program creator. Laura has teamed with Art to create and deliver the  Crushing It with Challenging Conversations and First-Time Manager Academy programs (live, live-online, and on-demand), and is a management educator passionate about helping create the next generation of talent in our workforce.

First-Time Managers Academy

For aspiring, new, or recently promoted first-time managers, this program will jump-start your success!

Moving from contributor to manager is one of the most challenging steps of your career! It’s critical to have help.

First-Time Managers Academy is a 6-week program sprint for recent or soon-to-be new managers who want to start strong and succeed sooner. This program helps the new manager build a foundation and key behaviors essential for success. The blend of live-online working sessions, one-on-one coaching, and e-learning support make this a unique and powerful offering for new managers.

Early Fall 2020 Session Registration is Sold Out!

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Powerful, actionable guidance delivered in six 90-minute working sessions + one-on-one coaching + e-learning to help you rethink your approach and help you grow the performance of your team and organization.

Note: all sessions recorded in case you have a schedule conflict.


First-Time Managers Academy blends virtual classroom training with one-on-one coaching and e-learning to help new managers succeed with their level-up challenges.

  • The live-online working sessions introduce key topics and encourage participants to think through the ideas and approaches in all-group and breakout discussions.
  • The coaching portion of the program is tailored to the individual and focused on adjusting or adopting behaviors to promote growth and high-performance.
  • Participants have evergreen access to an e-learning portal that includes resources, links, and content and tools on how to apply course concepts in the workplace and sustain long-term development.

What Participants Learn:

Navigating and Succeeding with the Transition from Contributor to Manager

  • From team member to team manager: navigating the transition
  • Where many new managers trip and how to avoid the obstacles
  • Understanding your new role
  • Aligning with your boss on charter and mission

Building Trust with Your Team

  • Applying the performance-enhancing power of Swift Trust
  • Assessing their needs for a manager
  • Using Angela’s Question to define your role in their eyes
  • Creating your leadership charter
  • Bringing your leadership charter to life

From Group to Team and Performance

  • Moving beyond the early-awkward phase of the relationship
  • Using the 3W’s approach to jump-start collaboration
  • In pursuit of high-performance

Winning with One-on-Ones

  • Understanding the purpose of these regular contact sessions
  • Designing one-on-ones that promote dialogue and exploration
  • Keeping them fresh and engaging
  • Other critical communication practices

 Performance Discussions that Work 

  • How to deliver quality constructive and positive feedback
  • How to gain feedback on your performance
  • Why feedforward is so powerful
  • Using goals to promote performance
  • Coaching discussions on-the-fly

Running Great Team Operations Meetings

  • Develop your operations meeting philosophy and approach
  • How to build an agenda that works for them and you and your boss
  • Rotating responsibilities for agenda and facilitation
  • Building relationships by inviting peers/executives to your operations meetings

Developing your team members

  • Creating time for development discussions
  • An agile approach to team member development
  • Creating opportunities to explore, experiment, innovate

Developing Yourself

  • Thinking differently about everything
  • Learn faster, constantly
  • Setting goals for yourself the right way

Registration for the Live-Online Series is Closed

Registration includes access to all sessions, including guest speakers, one-on-one coaching, and evergreen access to the program’s e-learning portal. Payment is via credit card

Questions: e-mail Art Petty at [email protected]


Payment in full ahead of the course start date is required for participation

Refunds are not available, however, if an individual experiences extenuating circumstances, a credit will be provided for a future cohort or other Art Petty programs, including coaching.