Our focus for this episode turns to business books we read over and over again. Wally Bock and I each share two different books and make a case for why they are important parts of our libraries and of our thinking.

Enjoy the insights and ideas!

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Show Highlights:

Wally shares his reasons why it makes sense to re-read some books over and over again. (0:58)

Art shares one of the benefits of reading these classics on an e-reader and Wally makes the case for the use of digital flashcards. (2:02)

The best business book Wally has ever read—The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker (3:30) (Wally’s detailed review.)

Why Drucker’s work has aged so well over the decades. (5:30)

Wally and Art compare the work of Peter Drucker with that of Gary Hamel (7:30)

Art offers up his case for his all-time favorite strategy book, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters by Richard Rumelt (10:37) and why he comes back to it regularly (11:50).

Wally shares why he appreciates Good Strategy/Bad Strategy as well. (12:50)

Art adds in a few other strategy selections for managers. (14:00)

Wally shares his second favorite for re-reading: High Output Management by Andy Grove. (15:03) (Wally’s detailed review.)

Wally shares why High Output Management is so good for middle managers. (16:00) and some thoughts from Art.

Wally makes the case for a much needed Andy Grove biography. (19:00)

Art shares his second-most re-read book: Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration by Professor Leigh Thompson. (20:30)

Why every manager or team leader who is leading some form of brainstorm or ideation sessions should read and apply the ideas in Creative Conspiracy. (22:07)

Art’s one reason why you should consider Creative Conspiracy. (24:12)

Wally ties things together on the power and value of re-reading books (27:30)

Wally notices the theme in Art’s selections: (29:50)

Additional resource: Wally Bock’s Goodreads link for all of his review.