One of my favorite bi-weekly activities is connecting with good friend and mentor (and leadership blogger/book writing coach extraordinaire), Wally Bock, to talk about books. In this episode, we share our favorite reads on developing others and why we feel so strongly about them as great tools for managers. Enjoy and use the ideas and books in great professional development success!

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Show Highlights:

  • Wally leads off with thoughts on his first favorite, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go by Julie Winkle Giulioni and Beverly Kaye. (1:25) Art
  • In a positive coincidence, Help Them Grow is one of Art’s two favorites as well! Here’s why: (2:40)
  • Added highlights on why we love Help Them Grow through (6:26)
  • Art shares his second choice on great books for developing others (and momentarily massacres the rules of grammar in his dialog!): The Next Level-3rd Edition by Scott Eblin  (6:30)
  • Wally highlights why he values The Next Level. (8:15)
  • Art comments on the great additions to the latest edition of The Next Level (“the way you live and the way you lead”) (9:20)
  • Art offers a personal shout out to Scott! (10:15)
  • Wally adds in his next choice based on what he would have found useful during his managing days, The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier. (10:30)
  • Why The Coaching Habit is ideal for supporting knowledge workers. (12:10)
  • Wally describes Art as “Mr. Simplicity and Structure.” (12:27)  Compliment or cleverly disguised burn? : )
  • Wally shares the “problem with most coaching books,” and why The Coaching Habit doesn’t fall into that trap. (13:36)
  • Wally shares one of the secrets to why The Coaching Habit is so effective. (14:58)
  • Wally appropriately shares his own book (and why he wrote it) for developing new managers: Now You’re the Boss: Making the Most of the Most Important Transition in Business.  (16:30)
  • Wally proves he doesn’t take direction well and shares Art’s book with Rich Petro, Practical Lessons in Leadership, and why he values it as one of those books for developing others. (19:20)

Check out Wally’s Goodreads reviews for insights on these and many other books.