Just a quick update on the Experienced Manager program kicking off this week on 1/15/20.

We’ve got a great cohort developing with a diverse group interested in learning, growing, and finding a new level of success for themselves and their teams this year. I’m honored to support these motivated individuals as they strive to level-up as managers and leaders!

If you’re interested in joining for this unique live-online plus one-on-one coaching plus e-learning program, it’s not too late. Our registration closes on Wednesday morning, 1/15. As of this writing, we’ve got six spots open to round out our Winter 2020 Cohort.

Take A Tour

Here’s a video that walks you through the program structure in our Learning Management Portal and talks about the different components.

And, if you are thinking about joining, here’s a recap of what your journey will be in the program.

Your Journey in the Experienced Manager Program

Live-Online Classroom Sessions

We’ll meet live-online (all recorded for re-watching or in case you have a schedule conflict) every other week through mid-March for one of our live-online classroom or guest expert sessions. The classroom sessions include:

  • Leveling Up as a Leader—focused on sharing ideas and approaches you can use immediately to strengthen your performance and the performance of your team.
  • Teaching Teams to Think & Act Differently—is all about finding ways to strengthen problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Gray-Zone Leadership—emphasizes your need to cultivate influence and power and how to do it for the benefit of your team, your firm, and yourself in your role and career.
  • Winning in Difficult Communication Moments—offers strategies and techniques for dealing with the most challenging internal communications and presentations.
  • Developing Yourself—helps you strengthen your approach for owning your career and success through continuous learning.

Plus Three Live-Online Guest Expert Sessions

In addition to those five information and idea-packed sessions, I’m thrilled and honored to have three fabulous guests joining to share ideas with program participants via a webinar format. The guests include

Each of these experts is a best-selling author, and I’m looking forward to sharing copies of their books with our program participants.

One-on-One Coaching

We work together via Zoom in a 75-minute coaching session focused on your development as a leader. Bring your most significant challenges to work on, or we can focus on your on-going development.

Development Planning

As we approach the end of the program in March, I work with each of you via e-mail to create a post-program development plan that helps you extend the learning and growth from our program.


Each of our live-online sessions is backed with added content, resources, examples, and “How-To” documents to help you bring the ideas to life.

The content and all classroom session videos are evergreen for future consumption.

That’s A Lot of Professional Development for $595!

There’s no other program quite like this with the mix of topics, guest experts, coaching, e-learning, and development support.  The closest equivalent might be an executive education or similar program costing upwards of $5,000 plus time out of the office. And, those programs still won’t be taught by experienced executives. This one is!

I’m thrilled to bring this to you and make it fit just about every training or personal budget. And I’m passionate about creating a great growth experience for you!

I hope you’ll consider joining us for this great learning and development adventure and experience.

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p.s. If you’re undecided, ask me for a tour of the learning management portal or reach out with your questions. Also, payment plans are available—don’t let that keep you from a great growth experience.