On Tuesday, 12/10/19 at 11:00 a.m. central, I’m hosting a free webinar for experienced managers. Join me for slightly less than an hour for a session filled with ideas, examples, and inspiration to help you level-up in a world of change! 

I’m Over-the-Top Passionate About the Impact of Great Managers

I’m vocal about my passion for the potential great managers have to build careers, transform organizations for the better, and of course, create great results. The practice of management by effective managers is, as Gary Hamel describes in this excellent video, “The Technology of Human Accomplishment

During the past year, I’ve invested a great deal of time in helping fill the front-end of the emerging manager pipeline with my First-Time Managers Academy, dozens of articles, and several webinars. I devote at least 20% of my time every week to helping new managers get started the right way.

That’s important work, and I’ll keep at it. However, now, it’s time to support the individuals—the experienced managers—responsible for the heavy lifting of making our organizations run.

As the experienced manager, you’re accountable for building our leadership pipelines, getting the best out of the talent around you, and solving a nearly endless stream of problems that crop up daily. You bridge the strategic and tactical, and let’s face it, nothing new happens unless you get on board with it.

And of course, given the complexity of our world, your job is only growing more challenging. It’s a tough, sometimes thankless role operating in that environment we reference as between a rock and a hard place with pressures coming from all directions. However, the good managers make things go in our organizations, and importantly, help our people grow.

A Webinar for Experienced Managers Intended to Inspire

I hope you’ll join me for my newest webinar exclusively for experienced managers, Think & Act Differently in a World of Change.

In about an hour, I’m going to take you on a journey through our world of change and then share ideas, approaches, and examples intended to teach and inspire you to stretch and grow as a manager.

  • How a product manager changed the fate of her company
  • How a young professional changed my view on the role of a leader with a simple question
  • Why your time spent playing video games might just provide ideas for leveling up in your career
  • How to help your team change the view on your business and industry and avoid myopia that infects and endangers so many firms
  • Ideas to help you manage, coach your team and innovate differently

Along the way, we’ll take some fun, relevant side-tours with examples of managers thinking and acting differently to help their firms and grow in their careers. Additionally, at the end of this information-packed webinar for anyone interested, I will very briefly share my news about an exciting new experienced managers program running during Q1 2020.

You are the Difference-Maker in Our World of Change

You’ll pick up quickly for my belief in your ability as a manager to be the difference-maker in your firm. You’ll also notice my work and thoughts are research-backed at their foundation and battle-tested in practice. I managed teams and firms for over 25-years, so I’ve been where you are.

It’s my turn to help.

Join me at 11:00 a.m. central on Tuesday, 12/10/19, and take an hour to think differently about your role. If you can’t make it, register anyway, and we’ll send out the link to the recording.

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