Congratulations, you're the boss! Now what?

Being promoted to manager for the first-time is incredibly exciting! It’s also a little overwhelming. 

Your shiny new title comes with a bump in pay and maybe even a better place to call your own during the day—even something with a door! 

You are excited and apprehensive all at the same time. And that’s probably what you should be feeling. After all, this is a tough transition and an even tougher job. 

But, you know it’s a potentially great career move. You just want to be realistic. 

Just a few of the changes and challenges… 

Your boss and team members viewed you as a rock star when you were a contributor. You have a suspicion your rock star card was revoked when you were promoted. You’re back having to prove yourself again. 

You were their team member on Friday and now, on Monday you’re their boss. Some of these people are your friends, and you wonder what’s going to happen with the friendships when you have to start making work-related decisions. You know you can’t play favorites. 

You have it on good authority at least one person on your team wanted the job and resents you for getting it. Yikes! 

You wonder how you can gain everyone’s trust and support. 

Your boss does a great job of giving feedback—both constructive and positive. You’ve never had to give the negative kind of feedback before. Frankly, you would rather avoid it, but you know it comes with the role. 

In addition to feedback, you know you’re on the hook for one-on-ones, coaching conversations, and even running the department’s operations meetings. You always hated those things and now you’re accountable for leading them and ensuring they’re productive. 

And of course, there’s the need for results. You know your boss is counting on you to deliver ever-improving numbers from your team. 

How do you motivate people and keep them focused on goals and targets? 

These are just a few of the challenges you can think of off of the top of your head. You’re certain there are more, many more. 

But, then there are the positives… 

You know that experienced managers are in-demand in your firm and even in the broader marketplace. Get this right, and you can hear the doors opening up ahead of you with great new assignments. 

You like your firm and you see a bright future and want to contribute in as many ways as possible. 

You like the challenge of seeing if you can help create a whole group of stars. It’s a fresh challenge beyond your contributor role. 

You want to get more involved in the decisions of the organization and you know your peers in other groups are key decision-makers for daily issues. You want to join this group and participate. 

Overall, the excitement beats the apprehension. You just want to get it right. 

You know there will be mistakes and problems. You’re also pretty positive about your ability to work with others and solve problems and fix mistakes. 

While you’ve read the reports that say 50% or more of new managers flameout during their first year, you’re determined to not contribute to that statistic. 

You’re determined to succeed. 

Whether you are new to managing, considering the role of manager as a career step, or, responsible for leading and developing new managers on your team, I want to help you succeed. 

It’s time to dramatically improve your odds of success by gaining access to insights, approaches, and tools critical to navigating the challenges in front of you. 

With the right guidance and education, you’ll… 

Navigate the transition and start-up processes with flying colors! 

Get off on the right foot building trust with your new team members. 

Show your boss why she made a great decision to promote you. 

Learn to navigate the challenging people issues you’ll encounter along the way. 

Understand how to use goals as motivation tools and how to run one-on-one and group performance sessions that support high performance. 

That and so much more. 

And importantly, you’ll find your confidence to succeed as a manager. 

Remember, when you get this job right, the sounds you’ll hear are doors opening in front of you with even bigger opportunities. 

There’s no time to waste. 

Art Petty is a multi-decade software industry executive and a popular leadership and management speaker, executive and emerging leading coach and author. After guiding multiple software firms to positions of market leadership as a senior strategy, sales, and marketing executive, Art now serves clients as a management team adviser and executive coach. He is also an active keynote and workshop presenter and regularly serves as a graduate management educator at DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

Art’s practical and powerful business guidance is reflected in his highly ranked Management Excellence blog (a Top-50 ranked/Top-50 socially shared and No. 11 most trafficked management and leadership blog). Art’s articles are regularly featured in: SmartBrief on Leadership, Government Executive, The Pragmatic Marketer, and many others.

Corporate clients credit Art with helping them re-conceive their strategies and their approaches to leading and operating, and coaching clients credit Art with helping turbocharge their growth and success as managers and leaders.
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BONUS: First-Time Manager 100-Day Start-Up Checklist

This companion guide to your course offers ideas on how to organize your activities and serves as a checkpoint on your progress during your first 100 days. Importantly, it serves as a reminder, complete with “To-Do” lists, to bring the ideas and approaches to life and ensure your successful start-up as a first-time manager.


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First Time Managers Academy is an online course designed to help you strengthen the behaviors required for success, while avoiding the major missteps that derail too many well-intended new managers. 

You'll learn how to navigate the awkward start-up process with a new team, how to build credibility as a manager, how to manage a group for ever-improving results, how to navigate challenging coaching and one-on-one conversations and the best ways to develop employees. 

Whether you are navigating this role on your own, or you are an over-taxed manager of new managers, this program will ease the burden and will help build a solid foundation for success as a first-time manager!

Everything you need to approach your new role with confidence and authority to drive results. 

What's Inside:

Video Modules

Downloadable Worksheets

Planning Tools

Online Community

Case Studies

All of the course modules, including actionable, easy to implement real-life examples, are immediately available for 24/7 access.


Module 1: Why Manage?

  • Opportunities and rewards from a career in management.
  • The changing role of management and the manager.

It’s important to tune-in to a larger purpose behind your desire to manage. The most effective managers are driven by a desire to help their organizations succeed by developing others. 


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"Art's First Time Managers Program has been a valuable resource for my staff and we plan to continue utilizing the program with new managers in the future. The program content is right on the mark, and Art is engaging and knowledgeable, making it an all-around great experience.

–Nick Berry, CEO and Co-founder, Fitness Revolution



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•15 information-packed lessons with cases and examples

•Downloadable summary sheets with development activities

•Downloadable planning templates

•Online community with other first-time managers like you

•BONUS: First-Time Manager 100-Day Start-Up Checklist

•15 information-packed lessons with cases and examples

•Downloadable summary sheets with development activities

•Downloadable planning templates

•Online community with other first-time managers like you

BONUS: First-Time Manager 100-Day Start-Up Checklist



“This program was hands down the best I've attended. Art is a very lively and engaging presenter. Each lesson is jam packed with thought-provoking ideas and real-world examples from Art's deep experience and knowledge. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to boost their managerial effectiveness.”

James C., Supervisor, Industrial Packaging

Will the course give me tools and approaches I can use in the workplace right away? 
Absolutely! This course is designed with practical, real workplace scenarios and case studies along with ample suggestions for how to apply the tools in the workplace.
Will I be able to ask questions?
Yes! Our online community is made up of first-time managers navigating similar issues as you so questions are commonplace! 
I'm a manager responsible for the development of first-time managers, do you offer group pricing?
Yes, we love experienced managers that want help individuals build their careers! We offer discounted pricing for groups of 5 or more at just $147 for each first-time manager. Simply email [email protected] to gain access for your team. 


Succeeding as a First-Time Manager requires preparation, training, dedication, and unyielding commitment in the face of adversity. Are you ready to learn the approaches critical to surviving and thriving as a first-time manager? 

Module 2: A Day in the Life of a Manager

  • What a typical day is like in the life of a first-time manager.
  • How to plan your days for success (and adjust and adapt for reality).

Before taking on the challenging role of manager, it makes sense to understand how different your days will be in contrast to those you experienced as an individual contributor.

Module 3: A Challenging Transition

  • Why moving from individual contributor to manager is challenging.
  • How to prepare for a successful transition to manager.

The move from individual contributor to manager is one of the most challenging transitions you will ever experience. In this lesson, we explore ideas and approaches for making it work for you.

Module 4: From Team Member to Team Manager

  • Beware the team member to team manager trap.
  • Approaches for successfully navigating the move from team member to team manager.

If the transition from individual contributor to manager wasn’t challenging enough, anyone navigating from team member to team manager has a host of added issues to navigate. In this lesson, we highlight the do’s and don’ts when moving from team member to team manager.

Module 5: Working with Your Boss

  • What your boss wants you to know about working with her.
  • What you need to know from your boss to help her succeed (and help your team in the process).

On the day you step-into your new role as manager, you have exactly one person cheering for you: your manager. Of course, it’s on your shoulders to figure out the best way to work with your manager in this capacity.

Module 6: Building a Strong Foundation

  • The importance of building a strong foundation starting on day one.
  • How to gain credibility and build trust through role clarity and daily behaviors.

Effective managers build their careers and successes on a strong foundation of character, clear values, role clarity and sense of purpose. In this lesson, we offer you a number of important start-up activities to help begin to form your  leadership and management foundation.

Module 7: 3W’s—A Power Tool for Creating Alignment and Promoting Action

  • The challenge of assessing talent, identifying priorities, & jump-starting the process of work with your team.
  • How to use the 3Ws approach to align with and energize your team.

One of the biggest challenges starting out as a first-time manager is not understanding how to get started properly with your new team. In this lesson, we share an approach that helps you navigate the early-awkward phase with your group and get down to productive work.

Module 8: Creating Your High Performance Team

  • The building blocks of high-performance teams.
  • How to support your team to promote high-performance.

When starting out, most managers inherit a group of individual contributors who work under a functional department. Your goal is to being creating the working environment that supports the emergence of high individual and team performance.

  • Why it’s important to invest early in developing strong working relationships with your peers.
  • The power of reciprocity in peer group relationships.

In addition to the challenges of managing a group for results, you now have a larger group of stakeholders, including your peer managers in other departments. In this lesson, we share why it pays to develop great relationships with your peers from day one and we offer ideas to help you jump-start the process.

Module 9: Working with Your New Peers

  • Why goal setting is important and challenging.
  • Guidance for goal setting & using the S.M.A.R.T. framework to create meaningful goals with your team.

It’s your job to ensure the work gets done and meets the targets established by your boss and the organization’s strategy. One of the important ways you motivate performance is through the use of goals. Of course, poorly defined goals can demotivate more than inspire high performance. In this lesson, we share approaches for developing goals that motivate!

Module 10: Working with Goals to Promote Performance

Module 11: Observation and Performance Feedback

  • The performance enhancing power of regular observation and quality, timely feedback.
  • Positive feedback habits to develop early in your tenure as a manage.

One of the new tools you must master is the art and science of delivering quality performance feedback—constructive and positive. In this introduction to feedback, we highlight the importance of observation and offer the key building blocks of effective feedback discussions.

  • The importance of conducting efficient, effective, regular one-on-one sessions with team members.
  • How to conduct an effective one-on-one session.

Proper, regular one-on-one discussions with team members offer an opportunity to coach, inform, and importantly assess performance and identify developmental needs. In this lesson, we propose an agenda for a quality one-on-one and give suggestions to maximize your return on time invested.

Module 12: Conducting Effective One-on-One Discussions with Your Team Members

  • Positive meeting planning and management habits.
  • How to plan and facilitate productive operations meetings with your team.

As a manager, you are now accountable for running operations meetings with your team members. These meetings can be incredibly productive or horrible time-wasters depending upon how you structure and manage them. In this lesson, we teach you approaches to help ensure great outcomes from your operations meetings.

Module 13: Running Great Team Operations Meetings

  • Top mistakes of first-time managers.
  • How to recover from a mistake.

While we all learn by making mistakes, there are a number of problematic pitfalls that trip-up many first-time managers. In this lesson, we outline the most common mistakes of first-time managers and offer ideas to help bypass or mitigate those mistakes.

Module 14: The Mistakes of First-Time Managers

  • How to gain input on your performance.
  • Signs that suggest you're on the right track.

One of the challenges every manager faces is assessing if his/her efforts are yielding the right results. In this lesson, we share ideas to help you gauge if you are succeeding and techniques to gain additional feedback on your performance.

Module 15: How to Tell if It’s Working


Choose the First Time Managers Academy plan that works for you:

One time payment of



3 monthly payments of



––Best Value––

––Flexible Option––


•15 information-packed lessons with cases and examples

•Downloadable summary sheets with development activities

•Downloadable planning templates

•Online community with other first-time managers like you

•BONUS: First-Time Manager 100-Day Start-Up Checklist

•15 information-packed lessons with cases and examples

•Downloadable summary sheets with development activities

•Downloadable planning templates

•Online community with other first-time managers like you

BONUS: First-Time Manager 100-Day Start-Up Checklist

I'm 100% certain that First Time Managers Academy has the power to help you succeed wildly in your new role so that you can parlay your success into larger roles, bigger contributions, and of course, ongoing career success. 

I'm certain this course is a great fit for you if: 

  • You are considering stepping into your first role as a supervisor or manager 
  • You were recently promoted into the job 
  • You’ve been at it for awhile and want some solid guidance 
  • You want to both prove your competence and showcase that you care about your team and team members
  • You want ideas to help you survive and thrive on the often lonely and dangerous road with the jump from peer to boss 
  • You want to grow comfortable delivering feedback 
  • You want to build a high performance team environment 
  • You do not want to be one of the 50% who flame-out in this management role

But if you're skeptical or if after reviewing the course, you don't think First Time Managers Academy is worth every penny you've paid, just email me at [email protected] and I will refund you, no questions asked.


"Art uses his ample experience as an executive and a coach to bring the issues to life and offer ideas I can use immediately."

Barb H.

Everything you need to know to help you succeed wildly in your new role so that you can parlay your success into larger roles, bigger contributions, and of course, ongoing career success.