A Career-Long Mission to Help New Managers Succeed

I’m on record fairly frequently and aggressively advocating for the careful, deliberate, sustained development of our first-time or new managers. (Check out the many, many articles in my First-Time Manager category.)

After all, our newer managers are often operating close to our customers, and they’re certainly responsible for the people doing much of the work of our organizations. Not to mention, our newer managers represent critical additions to our emerging leader talent pool. For most of our firms, this pool needs to get a lot deeper in a hurry.

Ever since my sink or swim introduction to managing, I’ve vowed to do a great job supporting this vital group.

As an executive, I made sure that training, outside coaching, internal coaching, and sustained development efforts were part of the program for new managers.

Following my executive life, the first thing I did was write a book that is still widely used in management development programs: Practical Lessons in Leadership.

And as a writer, educator, and emerging leader coach, I continue to strive to offer my support and guidance to the evergreen community of new managers in workshops and via coaching. I love this work because I love the audience!

Introducing First-Time Managers Academy!

Now, I’m pleased to introduce my latest offering for new managers: First-Time Managers Academy.

Yes, it’s an online course, but it’s so much more.

This one’s a game changer.

It’s the mentoring, teaching, and coaching  for new managers I’ve honed in the thirty years since I was flailing my way through my first-time manager role, set in a structured learning environment.

It’s a community of motivated people and dedicated teachers striving to help your new managers succeed.

Working with a great team of educators and designers, we brought together the best of my guidance for transitioning to, starting up and succeed as a first-time manager, and structured into a 15-lesson (videos, screen-flow, tools, templates, developmental activities) online program. (Learn more)

First Time Managers Academy is practical lessons in managing meets how to build an excellent foundation for leadership, team performance, and success. And the lessons are complemented by ample developmental suggestions and recommendations ready for use in the workplace immediately.

If helping your first-time managers succeed, this is a great place to bolster the odds in their favor!

The Bottom-Line for Now:

I want your first-time managers to succeed! If you’re a manager of new managers, this is critical for you.  I’m here to help.

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