When you work on your own, a new website is a big deal! I am excited to announce the launch of an all new website for the Management Excellence blog, Leadership Caffeine posts and my own professional services.

Anyone who has ever lived through this process understands the myriad challenges faced in striving to improve upon the last generation while clarifying your messaging, improving the visual attractiveness and navigability, and adding content and media for your audience.

There are a million details to sweat and a great deal of time invested by all parties involved. I am incredibly grateful for the expertise of Amber Murans, a principal at Left Hand Marketing and my venerable webmaster, Bob Lindner at DigiSage.

Amber redesigned my visual world from the ground up, and is also the designer of my forthcoming e-book, “Leadership Caffeine for the Project Manager.” And Bob supplied the Dev site, the brains for migrating my almost 1,300 posts and the rescue when I inadvertently crashed the site two hours after its soft launch. Both are priceless allies!

New Book in Early October—Focus on Project Leadership

And speaking of new books, we timed the new website to go live slightly before the release of my new book dedicated to helping the great project management professionals who work so hard to help us create “new” in our organizations.

Leadership Caffeine for the Project Manager follows the format established in the original Leadership Caffeine book, and includes 31 articles complete with practical advice for you to navigate some of the most vexing people and leadership issues around projects. The content is ideal for any person leading groups and initiatives whether you are a formal project manager or a group or committee leader.bundle

This e-format only (Amazon, B&N, Apple and pdf) plus the companion 34-page workbook, “Power Tools for Project Leaders,” (free with the purchase of the book) will launch in early October. (Pre-orders are now live at Amazon!!)

Stay tuned for announcements on the supporting webinar series, the workshop program and the planned Udemy course and other launch activities.

The Bottom Line for Now:

I work daily in my business and through my writing, coaching and speaking activities to support the development of great leaders and successful organizations. I depend upon the input of readers and customers to help identify challenges and suggest content coverage. I want to hear from you and I always welcome your ideas, requests for content coverage and inquiries. Thanks for being here!

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