Raise your hand if you’ve experienced one too many long slogs through slides during one of the gazillion webinars you’ve attended in the past two years.

OK, everyone can lower their hands.

Any event that brings people together and doesn’t tap into the knowledge and ideas of the participants is an event that misses the mark.

It’s time for something different!

Introducing the Leadership Caffeine Jam Sessions!

It’s a simple format.

We schedule for 50 minutes. (Our first one is on 11/12 at noon central. (You can register here.)

I share 3 BIG ideas on a core topic. No slides allowed! I use a mind mapping tool that we generate in real-time.

You share your ideas on the core topic.

We capture and share with everyone post-session.

For the last 15-minutes or so, we open the floor and jam together on your leadership and management issues, questions, and challenges.

That’s it!

No waiting for the punchline.

No sales pitch at the end.

Just stories, tips, hacks, and engagement.

Powerful, practical content that helps.

Did I mention, no slides?!

Did I mention, we’re adding guest experts for subsequent sessions?

These are monthly events on Fridays at Noon central.

Our first event is Friday, 11/12 at Noon Central. The focus for our new idea for webinars is appropriately on: Reinventing Idea Generation Practices. You can register here.

I love starting here.

After all, there’s nothing more important than firing up the creativity and idea-generation capacity of our teams in this era.

I share (at least) three counterintuitive and research-backed ideas and then we’ll take even more ideas from the audience.

I hope you’ll join us and bring your questions and ideas.

The goal is to be smarter together!

See you at the November 12 Leadership Caffeine Jam Session at Noon Central.


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Upcoming Sessions:

  • Jam Session #2 on 12/10 at noon central: How to Use Goals to Turbocharge Your/Your Group’s Learning and Success
  • Jam Session #3 on 1/14 at noon central, focusing on: The Persuasive Power of the Right Words in the Right Order Said the Right Way