A Lot Can Happen in Eight Short Weeks

We wrapped up the latest Career Reinvent Boot Camp with last night’s group session, and as always, for this program, it’s part celebration of incredible progress and new friendships made, and a short, slightly sad goodbye. (The group voted unanimously to continue as a Mastermind meeting monthly, so the goodbye is just for now.)

In eight short weeks, the individuals in the cohort move from meeting a group of strangers to connecting in meaningful ways. They cheered successes and breakthroughs, helped when some encountered obstacles, and invested their time and their network contacts to help individuals in the group move forward in exploring new directions. And, they made progress.

  • One individual is deep into exploration for a major career shift, with some emerging leads.
  • Another landed a fabulous new job, prompted by the work in the program.
  • One is deep into the evaluation of two different solopreneur opportunities.
  • Yet another is blending a new degree program (just applied) with a planned “Hop” to a different firm to move closer to their desired new vocation.
  • The others are in various stages from exploration to experimentation as they evaluate ideas for fit.

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The Power of a Diverse Group to Support Career Reinvention

This particular cohort was the most career-diverse of any I’ve led. We had several individuals in the early stages of their careers, the bulk of people somewhere in the middle, and a couple looking at a decade or so of runway left until retirement. And, we crossed all manner of industries, levels, and vocations.

While the different backgrounds and experience levels proved powerful for generating ideas, everyone was connected by one simple, powerful theme—finding a meaningful next step in their careers. To a person, the focus was on finding the role that leverages their skills and accumulated wisdom and that challenges them to be at their best while meeting their needs for financial security and work-life fit.

Something Magical Happens in These Career Reinvent Sessions

I know the word is a bit corny, but magical is the only term that adequately describes what happens as we work together as a group and via one-on-one coaching. You don’t find it in just one-on-one coaching or group sessions alone. It’s the combination that makes the difference. And, it’s the benefit of bringing together individuals motivated to make a change and willing to support their colleagues on their journeys.

Highlights from the Latest Career Reinvent Boot Camp:

1. No one reinvents alone.

Making a fundamental shift in your career requires help. “The noise in my head kept me from moving forward. This group and the coaching helped me move into action.

2. Having a framework to guide you is priceless.

The Career Reinvent Framework™ and related tools help turn an abstract or squishy notion into a set of concrete actions and a series of decisions. “The process guides me from looking at myself to thinking differently about how I can apply my talents for people I care about and make the type of money I need to support my family.

3. The power of diversity shines through in career reinvention.

The diverse group gives feedback we don’t get in the echo chambers of our workplaces. As one participant offered, “Everyone I talk to at work has the context of our firm and industry. This group gave me perspectives and context I could never gain from my colleagues.

4. The generous sharing of networks and contacts is a game-changer

The network and contact introductions in these sessions are through the roof, helping people explore new options, industries, and vocations. “I can’t believe how great this group was in making introductions. I’m deep into the explore phase because of their support with introductions.

5. The group and the coaching help you think differently.

The process and the people help you think differently about yourself and your options. “While the input was always supportive, it was clear that some people were nicely suggesting I get out of my head and see opportunities from a different angle.

6. The introspection pays dividends for generating new ideas.

I hadn’t factored a sense of purpose into my previous career searches. Armed with a fresh perspective on that and the output of the self-discovery exercises, I was able to generate a whole new range of options to explore.

The Bottom Line for Now

A lot of people talk about doing something different in their careers. Very few make a move, held back by fear of the unknown, a lack of ideas on how to get started, and the gravitational pull of their day jobs. The Career Reinvent Framework™ is a tool to solve those problems, help mitigate risks, and guide people on their journeys to pursue a career change. The work is never easy, but it’s not so hard to turn daydreams into new career adventures with the right help. Is it time for you?

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If finding your “next” in your career is on your mind, our next cohort kicks off on 5/5/21. If you are reading this at a later date, visit our program page for information on an upcoming cohort.) Space is limited and the cohorts fill quickly. 

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