David Loy, CEO of Leverage Creative Group, is one of those rare, fabulous interview subjects who ranges comfortably from his firm’s services to his personal leadership philosophy, to the challenges in learning to be a CEO on-the-job, and much more.

I met David through a pitch from his marketing executive.

I say “No” (politely) to 99.9% of those approaches, preferring to seek out interview subjects who best fit the needs and interests of my audience here at Management Excellence and with the Leadership Caffeine podcast. Thanks to a great, professional pitch (marketers and sales professionals take note) backed up by a fabulous leadership article, How to Develop a Leadership Philosophy that Inspires Your Team, written by David, I took a leap. I’m glad I did!

It turns out, David is spot-on and fantastic in this thirty-eight minute (video or audio-only) interview. We range far and wide on topics including:

  • Personal branding and why the brand is separate from the person (02:55)
  • Leaving corporate and starting out on your own. (04:50)
  • Why you need to focus on creating a niche (09:20)
  • The challenges of following your passion (12:00)
  • Whether writing a book or blogging still make sense to support your personal brand building (13:45)
  • Why David, a personal branding expert, is so passionate about leadership and personal development (20:20)
  • The power of living the values in developing your business (24:15)
  • What it means to cultivate your personal leadership philosophy (28:42)
  • The most challenging lesson(s) David has learned as a CEO (32:55)

And much more! Enjoy this great interview, and if you have any questions for David, feel free to reach out to him via e-mail.