When I work with new managers—individuals shifting from contributor to manager for the first time, I always assume I’m engaging with prospective future top executives and even CEOs. After all, this is an excellent place for the climb to start.

Over time, I’ve trained thousands of new managers, coached hundreds, promoted and managed dozens, and importantly, I was a first-time manager one-day not so incredibly long ago. And, I remember what it was like in my start-up to be left to sink or swim.

Sink or swim isn’t a good plan for anyone, and certainly not for a valuable contributor motivated to tackle one of the toughest transitions in business—moving to the role of manager.

I invest one-third of my time working with new managers for selfish reasons—I genuinely want these individuals to change the world of work for the better. And while I can coach an executive on an isolated behavior change, I can teach managers to build a great foundation for effective leadership from the start.

So, in addition to the regular blog content in my First-Time Manager Series, and my comprehensive online/on-demand program, First-Time Managers Academy, I’m excited to introduce a new (and free) video mini-course: Overcoming and Succeeding with the Top 5 Challenges of New Managers.

The program is a compact, practical, action-item focused video course covered in 5 brief lessons offering ideas to help new managers:

  1. Adjust to the New Role
  2. Get Started with the Right Priorities
  3. Build Trust with the New Team
  4. Get Acquainted with Challenging Conversations
  5. Build the Foundation for High Performance

Register here, and we’ll share the videos over five days complete with the summary comment in the e-mail.

If you are new to the role of manager or, if you are responsible for new managers, please share this free mini-course liberally. And, I encourage everyone to use the ideas in great managerial health and success!

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