The term, attitude gets a bad rap most of the time. We associate attitude with words such as bad, uncooperative, truculent, antagonistic. When was the last time you heard someone say, “That person has an attitude,” and you interpreted it as a compliment?

Attitude needs a p.r. campaign.

The Right Attitude is Contagious

Great leaders have an attitude that exudes self-confidence, excitement for their work and energy and hope for the mission. For those I’ve appreciated the most, a big part of their attitude suggests they care deeply about the people they are leading. Leaders with the right attitude infect everyone with a sense of optimism and excitement for their work.

Great workplace teams cop an attitude that suggests, “We can navigate every obstacle in our way by pushing each other to get better every single day.” Spend time working on one of these teams and you’ll never want it to end.

Spend time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and you feel the attitude from the time you walk in the door and throughout all of those uncomfortable, embarrassing things that take place in medical establishments. For the many people who visit who are scared out of their wits about a health problem, the attitude of, “We care, we’re the best, we’re focused on you, we’ll find a way forward if there is one, we truly care,” is what makes Mayo so unique.

Career reinventors bring an attitude that says, “It’s my turn, I have experience and wisdom, and the confidence to navigate the unknown and overcome the obstacles this adventure throws in front of me.

Great sports teams have an attitude that the game isn’t over until it’s finally over. You know a team is exceptional when it consistently finds a way to win in the final moments when most teams give up.

We all make a personal choice about our attitude every morning. You choose to strive for success at every single encounter, no matter what the day brings you. Or, you decide to be a victim, and your attitude screams it all day long.

The Bottom-Line for Now:

It’s time for you to cop an attitude. Just head in the right direction with this task. The world’s a brighter place when your attitude shines a positive light on every person and situation you encounter.

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