Crushing It With Challenging Conversations—Focused on Your Needs

I have a confession to make. My newest online learning course, Crushing It with Challenging Conversations started out as a course on how to master developing and delivering feedback. As a long-time software industry executive and now executive and emerging leader coach, I’ve helped thousands of individuals learn to develop and deliver high-quality performance feedback.

However, something interesting happened as we began to build this online on-demand program and test it with customer groups: my customers loved the idea but indicated they wanted more. Here’s what they told me they wanted in a great course on challenging conversations for themselves and their team members:

  • An excellent primer on navigating feedback, for sure, with particular emphasis on how to handle the toughest, constructive feedback discussions. You know the ones—they’re the ones you desperately wish would go away.
  • Ideas, approaches, and tools on how to deal with difficult coworkers, team members, and especially micromanaging bosses
  • A framework and approach for convincing others to support their initiatives
  • Ideas to help strengthen listening skills in our incredibly noisy world
  • Tools and techniques to prepare for high-stakes presentations

And there was one more—perhaps the most important topic of all: how to succeed in the moment during tense communication situations and confrontations.

That’s a lot, and it’s content that you won’t find in this format and combination in any other course on workplace communication.

Half-a-year and untold hours later working with a great team, Crushing It with Challenging Conversations is now open for enrollment!

The course is an entirely on-demand product focused on arming you with the tools and approaches necessary for succeeding in the workplace situations that determine career success.

Built on the Three-Legged Stool of Great Workplace Communicators:

This online, on-demand course is built on three legs:

  1. Learn to manage yourself during challenging confrontations
  2. Learn to manage and own your message in all situations
  3. Learn to apply the principles of positive persuasion to gain support and grow your influence

The short-form is: manage yourself, manage your message, and persuade positively. And the tools, cases, planning templates, and content are all geared around these three skill sets essential for success in today’s workplace.

Crushing It With Challenging Conversations Is Now Open for Enrollment!

We are now live and actively taking new members for Cohort #1! However, the doors close on August 9, 2018, for this cohort, so if navigating challenging conversations is essential for you in your workplace, don’t delay.

Learn More and Enroll

You can learn more about the course and register here!

And while I’m thrilled to share the great content, cases, tools, and templates with you, I am particularly excited about the opportunity to work with a group of motivated professionals in some of the lives sessions we’re planning for cohort members.

Online, On-Demand Course Plus Live Engagement with Me

Effectively, you gain the course content on-demand at your own pace along with all of the developmental tools and suggestions. And, you gain access to me via our live events for Q/A and other great communication topics and cases!

If succeeding in all manner of challenging conversations is crucial to you, join us in this new, online program, and I’ll be there along the way to help you succeed!

And for the first ten registrants, I’m adding in a complimentary coaching session for us to strategize one or more of your challenging communication situations.

The Bottom-Line for Now:

Join me in the course, and let’s find a way to help you succeed and crush those challenging conversations! And remember, everything important that happens in your career takes place in one or more challenging conversations!

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