Cover art for Leadership Caffeine PodcastOrganizations of all sizes and types, from high tech to manufacturing and not-for-profit, struggle with a common dilemma…how to escape the pull of the past as they look forward into a fast-changing and very different world.

If you’ve ever worked for or around a firm navigating the challenges of heading into new directions and leaving past ways and legacy products behind, you know how difficult this activity truly is for everyone involved. Many try and many fail.

Geoffrey A. Moore, the renowned high-tech strategist and author, perhaps best known for his book, Crossing the Chasm, a guide to helping firms move from early adopters across this fateful and often fatal canyon, is back with his latest book, Escape Velocity-Free Your Company’s Future from the Pull of the Past.  In the book, Moore tackles this tough topic of moving beyond successes of the past towards new generations of offerings and growth.

This was a great, fast-moving interview with Moore, and unlike Chasm which was focused on high tech firms, Escape Velocity is remarkably relevant for all firms, regardless of sector. I’m excited about the fresh, practical content from Geoffrey and I suspect you will be wanting more from Moore after listening. Enjoy!

Show Sound-Bites & Added Resources:

  • The challenges that arise when trying to free your company from the pull of the past.
  • Why our current budgeting, planning and operating systems fight us when it comes to escaping the pull of the past (and what to do about it).
  • A new framework of frameworks, The Hierarchy of Powers, and why this is so important for planning and orchestrating organizational change.
  • The questions you need to be asking and answering as you refresh and act on vision, strategy and execution.
  • Understanding the Inventory of Tools available to support your efforts to move beyond the pull of the past.
  • Great supplemental resource: Geoffrey Moore talking about Escape Velocity at Stanford (video)

About Geoffrey A. Moore:

Geoffrey Moore is a best-selling author and chairman emeritus of three consulting firms, The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute and TCG Advisors, all of which provide marketing strategy and organizational advice to leading high-technology companies. More information on Geoffrey, his books and services can be found at

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