Leadership Caffeine™—The Hard Work of Leading Is All In Your Mind

The hardest work of leading you’ll ever do is not the coaching, problem-solving, communicating and other externally focused activities that occupy your days. Rather, the heavy lifting of creating success as a leader goes on in the space between your ears. Here are 5 key internal issues every leader must regularly renew:

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Leadership Caffeine™—Don’t Back Off Leadership Development in a Crisis

When things break bad (even momentarily) in an organization, a number of predictable reflexes kick-in. Expenses are cut. Operations reviews evolve into extended, public proctology exams with everyone taking a long look searching for answers and blame. Some of the responses are reasonable and expected. Others are destructive. Suspending the work of developing your leaders and managers is destructive. Instead of letting your training budget dictate your team and leadership development efforts, here are 5 high-contact ideas to turbo-charge your efforts:

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Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast: Dan McCarthy Interview

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new podcast series: The Leadership Caffeine Podcast, and I'm thrilled that Dan McCarthy, the proprietor of the Great Leadership blog, is here as my first guest. Join us as Dan shares his thoughts and expertise on topics ranging from writing and sustaining a great blog to developing as a new leader in this fast-moving world. While you may know Dan through his blog posts, hearing from Dan will only strengthen your perception of this great professional! This was a fun, easy-going conversation with someone I truly admire. I hope that you enjoy this inaugural episode of The Leadership Caffeine podcast. And stay tuned...future programs include such noteworthy professionals as Kevin Oakes, John Baldoni, Kevin Eikenberry and Linda Finkle.

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Nine Key Professional Capabilities Required By Our Times

There’s no doubt we live in interesting times…a true Dickensian Best of Times, Worst of Times environment, filled with remarkable opportunities and equally remarkable personal, competitive, societal and global challenges. Over the past few years and few thousand contacts with professionals on the topic(s) of developing as a professional and developing as a leader, a number of key “capabilities needed for success in these times” have emerged as recurring themes in discussions and group settings. Importantly, these themes or as I describe them, Capabilities, Attributes & Behaviors (CABs) are essential for success at both the individual and organizational levels.

Best of Leadership Caffeine™: A Leader’s Resolutions are Calendar Blind

While it is natural for us to focus on resolutions as we approach the new year, the best leaders understand that improved performance requires an unrelenting, year-long focus on personal and professional development. Instead of joining the masses in pursuit of a ridiculous list of soon-to-be forgotten resolutions (along with those fitness goals), consider this approach to continuous leadership improvement:

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November Leadership Development Carnival: Early Bird Edition

Thanks to the hard work of all-around great guy and great blogger, Dan McCarthy at Great Leadership (that's a lot of great!), you once again have an opportunity to peruse 40 great posts from people passionate about all things leadership and professional development. Dan graciously has assembled content from far and wide to educate, entertain and stimulate ideas. Check out the line-up at the latest edition of the Leadership Development Carnival (Early Bird Edition).

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