Leadership Caffeine™—Spotting Leadership Potential

Identifying individuals with leadership potential remains an imperfect process in most organizations. While we have tools and models and assessments to help, experienced talent scouts rely on their own well-honed senses as they strive to identify potential future leaders. This article shares some highlights from a recent group interview on this topic.

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Leadership Caffeine Anniversary, Special Offers and a Coming Attraction

I continue to be both amazed and humbled at the reception to my book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development. In celebration of the sixth year since publication, I am sharing one secret on where the book idea came from and showing my thanks for your support with 3 very special offers for free books to the first to respond.

Leadership Caffeine™—Can One Person (You) Make a Difference?

I hear the same doubt expressed over and over again by good people upset over conditions in their workplace. It sounds something like: “Can I really make a difference? I’m just one person.” The often unspoken trailer is: “…and I am not the CEO or a senior executive, and they are the ones who have [...]

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Leadership Caffeine™—The Book and Coming Attractions!

As we approach another anniversary of the publication of my book, Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development, I am pleased to share some updates and coming attractions as the Leadership Caffeine family of offerings expands.

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Leadership Caffeine™–Decisions and the Least Bad Option

A good number of decisions in business (and life) include choices that beg selecting the least bad option. Do we pull in that big deal with a discount incentive to dress up this quarter’s poor numbers and in the process, create a hole for the next quarter? Do we go public with our findings, or [...]

Leadership Caffeine™—Don’t Let a Bad Employee Experience Define You

A "difficult employee" experience wreaks havoc on team morale and the manager's psyche. For some managers, this experience is so painful, it prompts them to redirect in their careers. For others--survivors, they find different ways to turn the negative experience into improved leadership performance in the future. Here are four approaches of leaders who survived and thrived following a toxic employee situation:

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Leadership Caffeine™—Quit Hacking Your Way Through Your Days

We spend a great deal of time reading, writing and training on the physical manifestations of leadership: the actions. In reality, success as a leader requires that we learn to manage and leverage our inner game.

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The Best Of: The Difference Between Finishers and 70-Percenters

There’s a class of professionals in the world one of my former bosses labeled as “70-Percenters.” They’re the people who are great at making noise, and even getting things started, but they don’t know how to close. They’re not finishers. Here are 5 key behaviors of finishers:

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Leadership Caffeine™—Successful In Spite of Yourself

What costs are your own leadership tics and aberrant behaviors imposing on your teams, your firm and on your career? While you've been successful, how much success have you left on the table along the way?

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The Best Of: How to Thrive in High Pressure Conversations

Every professional faces important "moments of truth" as they navigate through their work days. Whether it's the invitation to speak at the board meeting, the opportunity to connect one-on-one with the CEO or, a tough feedback conversation with a team member, you need to be ready to succeed in these High Value/High Risk (HV/HR) situations. Here are 5 steps to helping improve your effectiveness:

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