For any professional responsible for guiding a group, committee or team, Leadership Caffeine for Project Managers is a source of actionable ideas and practical approaches to support your success!

This collection includes 31 articles focused on helping the reader develop as a leader and navigate the challenges of guiding others in pursuit of project success. Topics covered include: developing as a project leader, coaching your team, creating the environment for high performance, succeeding with executive sponsors, how to get your team to open up to you, what to do when you stumble as a leader and many others.

The content was inspired by the insights, scars, successes and lessons gained in Art's three-plus decades of leading and guiding technology and software businesses one big project at a time. Additional context is drawn from his decade-long experience teaching project management and project leadership at the MBA-level to professionals working in organizations ranging in size from Fortune 100 to small manufacturing or services firms and not-for-profit institutions.

Comments from Advance Reviews:

“Leadership Caffeine is essential for every professional. Art boils down his personal and professional experience to capture the intangibles that PMBOK or any process will not tell you in your effort to succeed as a project manager. I firmly believe it does not stop there. Art’s Leadership Caffeine delivers clear, concise, experience based tools and techniques to help build and lead high-performance teams at all levels. For all professionals, not just project managers, this book contains countless valuable strategies for success.”
-Alexander, Engineer, Program Manager, MBA

“Successful projects are executed by people, not by formal processes, and Leadership Caffeine for the Project Manager provides relevant teachings, examples, and insight useful in helping a Project Manager become a Project Leader.” -Todd, PMP, MBA

“Now, with Leadership Caffeine for the Project Manager, we can all pickup and benefit from Art’s project management experience and leadership wisdom any time we like.” -Bryan, Engineering Manager/MBA

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