This collection of my work—annotated, edited and organized for easy consumption via your e-reader or computer, is my nod of respect to the individuals who help us all bring ideas to life in the form of projects. Project Managers and those who lead initiatives wearing any number of titles are the people who help us create “new” in our organizations, and it is hard work.

I can point to a few remarkable project professionals who were the difference makers in our businesses over the years. In at least two cases, these project leaders not only saved us from ourselves, they set the stage for great business success. (I share their stories in the book.)

Lessons Learned from Professionals in the Trenches:

I’ve been in and around software and systems projects my entire career—either as a participant, the defacto project manager, or, for much of the past two decades as the executive sponsor. However, what truly impressed upon me the power of this role has been my work teaching the discipline to MBA students (working professionals) in the Chicago-area. The students have generously shared the realities of projects and project managers in their organizations, ranging from Fortune 100 to the local Shakespeare Theater. Their stories, interviews, and experiences showcase great successes. They also suggest we have a long way to go to realize the potential from this discipline.

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In spite of the maturity of the profession and the popularity of the Project Management Institute’s PMP (Project Management Professional) designation, the practices in many organizations are less than optimal.

  • Surprisingly, some firms still operate without any formal project management practices at all.
  • Others struggle with too many projects chasing too few resources diluting everyone’s efforts and compromising results.
  • The role of executive sponsor—a critical success factor for the most strategic projects—is often missing in action or poorly defined and executed.
  • Too few project managers receive development support for the most difficult work of all: leading others and leading teams without authority.

The book and workbook are intended to help ease some of this pressure and help make-up for the organizational shortcomings.

The Book Plus the Free Workbook = Ideas and Inspiration

“Leadership Caffeine for the Project Manager—and anyone responsible for leading teams, groups or committees,” is my offering of help for those individuals aspiring to greatness in this role in the form of developing and leading high-performance teams.

The book includes ideas, approaches, and examples in an easy and fast-to-read format that the project manager can put to work immediately. The 31 short bundlechapters are filled with suggestions, checklists, and inspiration. Use the book as a daily devotional or draw upon a topic relevant to your issue of the moment. And for those who want just a bit more, there’s the free workbook (available only at my site) for every e-book purchaser: Power Tools for the Project Manager.

Power Tools extends the ideas in the book into detailed “How To” for leading productive discussions, teaching teams to make decisions, delivering individual and group feedback and others. Additionally, the workbook includes a section dedicated to helping you strengthen your leadership skills.

Together, the e-book and workbook are here to help support your development as a project leader and a developer of high-performance project teams.

I am thrilled to support this critical profession and incredibly excited to share the new offerings! Use the ideas in great project, career and team development health!

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Purchasing the Book and Obtaining the Workbook:

You can purchase the book online at Amazon, Apple via the iTunes store or Barnes & Noble and loop back here to get your free workbook and feedback planning form (there’s a download utility at the bottom of the page). Or, you can get it all here in one simple transaction.

As a postscript, look for announcements on my upcoming project leadership webinar series and the future Udemy course!