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Art Petty is a coach, speaker and workshop presenter focusing on helping professionals and organizations learn to survive and thrive in an era of change. When he is not speaking, Art serves senior executives, business owners and high potential professionals as a coach and strategy advisor. Additionally, Art’s books are widely used in leadership development programs. To learn more or discuss a challenge, contact Art.

First-Time Manager #10—Your Number One Challenge at Start-Up

Getting started as a first-time manager is one of the more challenging tasks you will ever encounter in your professional life. It's particularly difficult given that almost no one on your new team has any reason to want you as their manager. However, there are some approaches you can take with your new team to quickly begin building your leadership credibility. These include...

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Leadership Caffeine™—Beware Creating Toxic, Under-Performing Cultures of Niceness

It's possible for organizations to contract a potentially terminal case of under-performance while pursuing a culture that emphasizes not only collegial interchange, but a sense of what I can only describe as niceness. High performers and high performance cultures thrive on challenge and push, not coddling or sheltering from reality. As a leader, you set the tone.

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Leadership Caffeine™—Help Others Paint a Remarkable Picture

While we don't stop on a daily basis to consider the long-term implications of our decisions, the best leaders understand their decisions create ripple effects in the lives and careers of others. You don't know it at the time, but you are painting a picture...a mural trailing behind you in your decisions. If you are going to lead, make certain it's a beautiful mural.

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The Good, Hard Work of Developing Managers Who Lead

Enough with the false dichotomy between managers and leaders. Our priority must be to teach, coach, and inspire our managers to lead from day one. While those on the front-line live closer to the work of the organization, leadership behaviors are every bit as essential (maybe more so) for success as they are for those operating higher up the organization chart. Start developing your managers as leaders!

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First-Time Manager #9—12 Ideas to Help You Build Better Meetings

Over a long career, few meetings are memorable. However, the cumulative pain of the many miserable, counter-productive meetings lingers long after they've ended. As a newer manager and an emerging leader, take the time to cultivate the habits that lead to effective meetings. Your team will thank you! Here are a dozen ideas to get you started:

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New Program—Developing as a Manager of Managers

Transitioning into and navigating the role of manager of managers is one of the most important and potentially challenging career steps you will experience. My new Manager of Managers webinar series and professional development program is designed to fill the gap for practical, powerful guidance for anyone interested in succeeding in this challenging role. The program kicks off later in August, 2017, with early-bird pricing available until 8/5/2017.

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Leadership Caffeine—Curiosity and the Leader

One of the most effective leaders I've worked for used his natural curiosity to infect us all with a sense of wonder, exploration and experimentation. Yet our practices in organizations today often stifle or manage curiosity out of the equation. Ironically, curiosity might just be that key ingredient required for survival and success in our era of change.

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Two Strategy Tools Every Leader Must Understand

For any leader or management team struggling to navigate strategy, there are two tools I find incredibly useful in helping groups navigate complexity. They share a common trait in challenging strategy groups to focus their energy on cultivating a clear picture of a firm's reality and then defining a way forward, before defining actions. Too many teams jump to the actions and skip the heavy lifting and deep thinking. These tools keep you honest when it comes to strategy.